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StephenT [userpic]

(Poll) Buffy and Satsu

4th May 2010 (15:24)

So, I'm curious. Both the opinions given in this poll have been stated often in the last few weeks; I'd like to get some idea of how the numbers stack up on either side. If you feel my poll questions are way too restrictive and arbitrary, by all means tell me so in the comments.

I'm asking about the sexual relationship between the two women, but I've worded the question to include the build-up to it and the aftermath once they broke up as well. Also, I'm not asking about whether you enjoyed reading the story, but whether you thought it was credible and played a part in the overall season arc, or if it was just pure fanservice.

When a few people have answered I'll edit this post to look at how the answers and the demographics correlate. 

ETA: Updated Statistical analysis as of 19:50 on 4 May. I'll update again if and when more people answer the poll!

People who think the story was realistic include 43% of the women who are attracted to women, 67% of the heterosexual men, 33% of the other humans and 50% of the penguins.

No women who are attracted to women, no straight men, and no penguins thought the story was purely pandering to fanboys. 28% of the other humans thought it was.

(Everybody else went for the 'neither' option.).

Poll #1560142 Buffy and Satsu

The interaction between Buffy and Satsu in Season 8 was:

Believable and realistic, and appropriate to the plot and themes of the season.
Shameless pandering to heterosexual men, with no credibility or artistic merit.
Neither of the above.

Are you:

A woman who is sexually attracted to women.
A heterosexual man.
Neither of the above.
A penguin.

Do you know about their relationship through:

Reading the comics.
Hearing about the comics from other people.
Neither of the above.

I don't know enough about the comics to answer but I want to tick a box anyway.



Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 18:00 (UTC)

Fair enough, I was thinking you meant a specific stereotype about lesbians in East Asian culture, not just one about all women in general.

I'm mostly aware of the sexualisation/fetishisation issue from American posters writing about it here on LJ, so I suspect that either it's a specific US issue or I've led a very sheltered life. :-) But the more general stereotype that East Asian women are meek and subservient and dutiful and passive does exist here. But then of course:

...Satsu doesn't exactly fall into that stereotype, does she? :-)

Posted by: ms_scarletibis (ms_scarletibis)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 19:42 (UTC)

The meek/passive stereotype? No. But that wasn't the one I was referencing...

Posted by: majingojira (majingojira)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 20:03 (UTC)

It seems to me its simply the fact that she is foreign at all that peeks your ire.

That just comes out as wrong-sounding even when I type it.

Posted by: ms_scarletibis (ms_scarletibis)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 20:09 (UTC)

It doesn't peek my ire, but adding it to what I consider to be a frivolous and exploitative moment, it does make me roll my eyes.

Posted by: majingojira (majingojira)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 20:21 (UTC)

I'd disagree that it was frivolous, but it certainly was exploited.

Fanservice remains fanservice.

Posted by: majingojira (majingojira)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 20:19 (UTC)


Aren't these pics from after the breakup though?

Anyway, she's more of another well loved romantic Japanese stereotype: Tsundere.

Though she's so deredere it's sometimes hard to tell.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 20:29 (UTC)

They are from after the breakup: it seems to me that Satsu became a lot more self-confident after she got into the relationship with Buffy - or perhaps, she was more willing to express her real personality around her. We only got a few glimpses into Satsu's iteraction with the other Slayers, though she does seem to have been well-integrated into the group rather than being shy or standoffish.

Posted by: Emmie (angearia)
Posted at: 4th May 2010 23:00 (UTC)
Season 8 - The Chain

The first one isn't post-break-up. It's in the midst of the Wolves at the Gate arc. They hook-up in the first issue, then part amicably in the last page. If there is a definitive moment one could define as the break-up, it's in Issue 15 and that first panel where Satsu refuses to follow Buffy's orders is from Issue 14.

Curious: What's tsundere and deredere?

Posted by: majingojira (majingojira)
Posted at: 5th May 2010 00:32 (UTC)

Quick Summation:

And related terms:

Which probably is more applicable in Satsu's case, though it was less due to aloofness as shyness.

There's also


Which is a bit more negative.

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