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(Meta) The Twilight reveal

8th January 2010 (23:44)

So, about the reveal of who Twilight really is in Season 8...
And no, it's not Edward Cullen.

It's Angel.

Scott Allie has confirmed in a telephone interview that no, it's not a fake: it really is him. Although he refused to either confirm or deny whether it's Angel or Angelus, and whether he's still a vampire or if he's shanshued into human, and whether he's acting alone or part of something larger, or whether he and Buffy will fight or ally, or anything else about the storyline. (Yes, the interviewer asked all those questions and Scott stonewalled all of them.)

Scott also posted this on his Twitter account just now:
Someone else spoiled it yesterday and Joss thought we should address it since the fansites were all over it.

So what does this actually mean for the story?

Well, it explains how Twilight knows Buffy, and why he was reluctant to kill her on their first meeting. It explains how in person he's imposing and commanding, but sometimes a bit of a dork. It doesn't explain why he's raising an army of demons to kill all the Slayers, though...

If he's Angelus, that would explain it no problem, of course. But if he's still got his soul?

Well, have you seen Season 5 of 'Angel'? Of course Angel would be perfectly willing to work with evil monsters and demons, sacrifice innocents (such as Drogyn), deceive his closest friends, and generally be ruthless, if he thought he was doing it for a good purpose.

So what is his purpose? We don't know yet. But there's this line of his from 'A Beautiful Sunset' that bears repeating:

"One Slayer was all right, but all these girls? ...The world can't contain them, and they will suffer for that. I'll not kill you now. My first gift is my last. I know you meant well. But you have brought about disaster, and it falls to me to avert it."

Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that Angel honestly believes that the presence of over 1800 Slayers in the world will upset its balance and, somehow, lead to an apocalypse. He thinks it's inevitable. What can he do?

One option would be to reverse the Slayer spell. And guess what? In 'Wolves At The Gate' his minions were trying to do just that. But they failed. So does he have any other option, except to kill all the new Slayers before it's too late? Sacrifice 1800 lives to save over six billion?

Angel is ruthless enough to do it. Is Buffy? Hard to say... but the Buffy whom Angel actually knew, the one in seasons 1 - 3, almost certainly wouldn't be ruthless enough. So, he doesn't tell her his plan.

He deliberately takes it upon himself to be the villain, to adopt a secret identity, and to become her enemy, all to keep Buffy's own hands clean. To let her hate him, and keep her pure while he does the dirty work that must be done. Isn't that just a classic Angel thing to do? (It's romantic and selfless and anti-heroic and patronising as all hell, and treating Buffy as a child who can't make decisions for herself.)

Assuming all this is true, I'm going to hope that in the final ten issues of Season 8, Buffy pulls out a dea ex machina that allows her to save the world without killing all the remaining Slayers... because as I've said before, if the spell in 'Chosen' was a metaphor for the empowerment and liberation of women, what does it say if in Season 8 all those empowered and liberated women have to be hunted down and killed in order to save the world? I kinda hope that's not the message Joss is going for here...

But until we see what happens, all of this is just speculation. I can't wait to find out for real.



Posted by: Lily ( lavastar)
Posted at: 9th January 2010 20:39 (UTC)

But according to Fray, there is some big anti-magic spell that either kills or de-Slayers all the Slayers. We already know the ending: Twilight somehow wins. Unless Joss is gonna go all Dollhouse on us and claim it's "one version of an ending", which would then render the Fray crossover totally illegitimate.

Basically, right now it seems retcon-y as hell, and really really dumb. But if Joss can actually pull it off, maybe I'll feel different.

Posted by: StephenT ( stormwreath)
Posted at: 9th January 2010 21:01 (UTC)

Alternate futures. That was a big theme all through 'Time Of Your Life', how knowing the future could alter the past or create a new present. And there's precedent for this sort of thing on the show, too: "I wish Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale".

Until the very last issue of Season 8, I'm going to reserve judgement on whether Fray's future is THE future, or a possible alternative future.

Giles smashing Anyanka's amulet at the end of 'The Wish' doesn't make that episode illegitimate, does it?

Posted by: Lily ( lavastar)
Posted at: 9th January 2010 21:08 (UTC)

Hmmm. True.

I dunno, it would just feel kinda weird. BUT THEN AGAIN, S8 is "kinda weird." Sigh.

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