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(Meta) Seventy Season 8 Plotbunnies...

I was just thinking of a few comics-related ideas for fanfic, and began writing them down. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a round 70 plotbunnies. ;-)

There's no way I'd ever write more than a fraction of these, so please feel free to come in and take them off my hands. Or badger your friends to write them instead. Or suggest more ideas to get the number up into three digits... And if you write them, leave a link in the comments!


Buffy the Bank Robber

1. An angsty fic where Buffy is driven to the edge of despair by lack of money to feed and equip her Slayers, and decides bank robbery is the only option.

2. A fanfic version of a heist or caper movie, where she and Xander devise an elaborate plot to get into the bank vault and escape safely.

3. Same as above, but written as a spoof, with as many in-jokes and references to classic movies as possible. Bonus points for Buffy's bad driving skills ending with the getaway bus teetering halfway over the edge of a cliff.

Dawn's Transformations

4. A "Dawn's first time" PWP about the night of the party when she met Kenny's roommate Nick.

5. Describe what happened from Kenny's POV. How did he find out what Dawn had done? What were his feelings? Do you want to write him as a victim or a villain?

6. An extended version of the above, from Dawn's point of view, exploring her feelings about Kenny both before and after the night with Nick.

7. A dialogue ficlet where Dawn rings up Buffy and tries to explain that she's now a giant.

8. How did Dawn get from Berkeley to Scotland, anyway?

9. Describe Dawn's first week as a giant. What sort of practical arrangements were necessary? How did her life change? How did other people react? What did she feel about it all?

10. I've already done my bit writing Giant Dawn PWP, but does anyone else want to try?

11. How about Centaur Dawn PWP, then?

12. Or Porcelain Doll Dawn PWP?

13. Dawn spends a lot of time after she becomes a centaur off with the 'woodland folk'. ("Sowing wild oats" according to Xander, even.) What was she doing? What kind of people or creatures did she meet? What sort of society do they have? Who are their enemies? This could be genfic, comedy, plotty, romance or even PWP (see #11 above)...

14. What would have happened if Dawn hadn't broken the curse in issue 25? What else might she have turned into?

15. Kenny claimed he would have lifted the curse himself if Dawn turned into anything dangerous or especially nasty. Does that mean he was monitoring her transformations somehow? Tell us about it from his POV.

16. What was going on in Dawn's mind during and after that last conversation with Kenny after the curse was lifted?

Buffy and Satsu

17. How did Satsu transform from clumsy Japanese schoolgirl to the best of the newbie Slayers in Scotland? Did she hear about Buffy before meeting her and if so, what did she hear? What were her first impressions when they did finally meet?

18. What was going through Satsu's mind when she gave Buffy the 'kiss of true love'?

19. What were Buffy's thoughts when she realised it was Satsu who gave her that kiss?

20. We saw the morning after Buffy and Satsu first slept together - so what happened the night before?

21. Xander, Renee, Andrew, Willow and Dawn all saw Buffy and Satsu in bed together. What sort of conversations did they have with each other (or with their SOs or friends) about it afterwards? What was the gossip like in the wider Slayer organisation? Give us some dialogue vignettes, or a series of email exchanges.

22. Willow especially seems conflicted about the fact that Buffy engaged in same-sex experimentation with someone who wasn't her. Explore her thoughts in more detail? Maybe with flashbacks to earlier years?

23. How do her fellow-Slayers react to Satsu now that she's slept with the boss? Does she have to deal with hostility, jealousy, or people trying to ingratiate themselves for favours? Or just friendly teasing? Or curiosity?

24. Did Buffy have to do any angsty soul-searching or re-assessment of herself and her sexuality after her affair with Satsu, or does she shrug it off as 'just a thing' and go on with her life? Let's hear her thoughts.

25. So what happened after Satsu threw away her cinnamon lip-gloss and went out on the town with Kennedy?

26. What was it like for Satsu to see Buffy again after splitting up and going off to Japan to get over her? Did it work?

Xander's Love Life

27. So why, exactly, did Xander think it would be a good idea to go off to see Dracula to get over Anya's death? Or did Andrew get it all wrong, and something completely different happened?

28. There is a hint in one of Buffy's dreams that she and Xander tried sleeping together soon after 'Chosen', but it was a disaster and they never did it again. Tell us what happened.

29. What's Renee's backstory? How did she meet Xander?

30. What sort of conversation did Renee and Xander have on the way (a) to (b) back from Dracula's castle?

31. What did Dracula do after leaving Xander and going home to Transylvania?

32. At what point did Xander and Dawn realise their feelings for each other were more than friendship? Was it before or after she changed back to human?

33. It's an obvious one, but have they slept together yet and if so what was it like?

34. When Buffy reveals she knows about their relationship, Xander tells Dawn "Cat's out, Dawnie". So had they discussed whether or not to tell Buffy earlier, and if so why did they decide to keep it secret? Give us their conversation.

Willow's Ongoing Apotheosis

35. Willow spent six months before Season 8 travelling to other mystical dimensions to learn more about her powers. She could have ended up anywhere - including in the middle of a crossover with just about any other fandom you care to name.

36. Her journey of exploration was equally one of self-knowledge. A plunge into the depths of Willow's psyche and her memories would dredge up all sorts of nasties, perhaps as a sequence of flashbacks. What could she learn from it?

37. Willow/Aluwyn PWP. Why not?

38. So what was Kennedy doing in the six months while Willow was off in mystical dimensions? How has she adapted to being a squad leader in the Slayer Army? Or to being part of a monogamous couple?

39. Willow fantasised about giving up the fight against evil, leaving Sunnydale after Buffy's death, setting up home with Tara somewhere nice, and bringing up Dawn as their daughter. That could be an AU fic. Or a dream, where Willow wakes up to reality in the final paragraph.

40. Willow tried to keep Kennedy away from Buffy, because subconsciously she was afraid that being too close to Buffy would be fatal for any woman she loves. What sort of excuses did she come up with? This could be played for laughs, or for angst.

41. Willow believes that because of her circumstances, she can never have children. Oz, being a guy, tried to help with practical advice about adoption or donor insemination, which really wasn't the sort of support Willow wanted. A more in-depth look at Willow's thoughts and feelings on the situation would be fascinating. And how does Kennedy feel about the question?

42. At some point, you know Kennedy has to find out about Saga Vasuki. That will be a very interesting day. What happens?

43. At least one version of Willow survives for 200 years after Season 8. Write her diary...

Faith and Giles
44. We'll find out soon enough what Giles was supposedly searching for all over Europe - but anyone want to make up their own idea first? And why didn't he tell Buffy about it?

45. Faith and Robin split up. Why? What went wrong?

46. Did Buffy ever forgive Robin for 'Lies My Parents Told Me'? Is he part of the Slayer Army? Has he kept in closer touch with Giles than with Buffy? Has he found someone new after Faith?

47. Faith and Giles teamed up to help new Slayers with problems. 'Safe' was one example of a challenge they faced, but most people seemed to dislike that story. So give us a better one...

48. Are Faith and Giles simply working together as a team, or are they romantically involved with each other? There are all the usual story tropes there to play with. Plus another one... exactly how freaked out would Buffy be if she discovered Faith was sleeping with Giles?

49. Or if Faith and Giles are not a couple, how do they feel about each others' romantic or sexual attachments with other people, if any? Encouraging? Discouraging? Jealous? Sarcastic?

Other Major Characters

50. So what, exactly, does Amy see in Warren?

51. Other than the ones we've seen, what other cunning plans have Warren and Amy come up with to attack Buffy and co?

52. We're apparently going to find out how and why Riley teamed up with Twilight, but give us your own version. What happened to his wife Sam?

53. Is Oz's son Kelden a hereditary werewolf? What's it like bringing up a baby who turns into a wolf every month?

54. Andrew bred an extinct Ragna demon using recombinant DNA experiments. Did he practice first by recreating any other extinct creatures this way? Is there a tyrannosaurus rex or herd of velociraptors roaming the Italian mountains now?

55. How did Simone recruit her gang? What sort of things have they been doing? What's it like being one of her followers?

56. How did Giles react when he heard of Ethan's death?

The Slayer Army

57. We've seen a couple of examples of new Slayers being Called in 'The Chain' and 'Harmonic Divergence', but there must be many other stories to be told.

58. How did the Scoobies set about finding the new Slayers after 'Chosen'?

59. How do the training and induction processes work? There's an entire genre of fiction out there about young people growing up, joining some large organisation, going to war. Let's see a Slayer Army version of them.

60. We saw the TV commercial Andrew and Vi put together. What other ideas did they come up with? Have they made any other commercials? Has Vi put together a groundbreaking web video series about Slayers (thinly disguised as a WoW guild) which she advertises via blogging and Twitter? Write the scripts and storyboards!

61. What would a day in the life of an ordinary Slayer in Buffy's army be like?

62. A related idea - write about one of the big Season 8 story arcs from the perspective of an ordinary rank-and-file Slayer.

63. What do the Slayers think about their leaders? What is a new Slayer told (either officially, or by her fellow-Slayers) about who Buffy and co are, what they've done and what sort of people they are? What sort of humourous misunderstandings, rumours or garbled mis-tellings are circulating?

64. How did Buffy and co acquire the castle in Scotland? What sort of interactions did they have with the locals?

65. What do the families of the Slayers think about what their daughters are doing? What explanations were they given? For that matter, what about the families of the Scoobies, assuming they survived the downfall of Sunnydale?

Vampires in Public

66. The supernatural seems to have been a widely-known 'secret' long before Season 8. How did those authorities responsible for keeping the existence of vampires out of the public eye react when they saw Harmony vamp out on live national TV?

67. Was Twilight involved in this from the start? Harmony used to work for him, after all. Or did he see it happening and decide to get involved as damage control? What were his thoughts as *he* watched his former PA vamping out on live TV? 

68. Most vampires seem to have decided to play along, pretend to be relatively harmless and avoid killing humans. Was this a spontaneous decision, or did Twilight (in full-on Dark Avenger/Wolfram & Hart CEO mode) pay calls on the most important vampire leaders and 'convince' them it would be in their interests to force their minions to play along?

69. How do the major religions react to the public revelation that vampires exist? Have they issued Papal encyclicals or fatwas or whatever to explore the theological ramifications of soulless creatures in our midst? If so, what do they say?

70. We've seen several parodies of political chat-shows or broadcasts about vampires being popular and Slayers being demonised as terrorists, but I'm sure there could be more. What do Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck or Michael Moore think about vampires and Slayers? How does the media in countries other than America deal with the new situation? How about creating some spoof advertisements which trade off vampires' eternal youth and glamour to sell their product?



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