StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

Missing scene

You know, I should probably save everybody's time by apologising for this now, before you even read it. But it's not every day I'm inspired to write old Norse runic verse. :)

Thor slammed his tankard on the table, wiped the white foam from his beard,
eyes bulged with shock. Then roars of laughter leaped up high to Valhøll's rafters.
From Bifrost bridge brave Heimdall heard, carried on the wind, commotion;
and bent his gaze that pierces barriers, laying bare what Thor had seen,
and then the grim-faced godly guardian could restrain no more his giggles.
In Asgard's halls the Aesir gathered, curious to ken with their own eyes
the mighty marvel that brought such mirth to red-bearded Thor.
"But where is Allfather?" asked they all. "Surely Odin, our great lord
With wisdom blessed, would wish to see this wonder also?"

Then from behind the royal throne, a reedy high-pitched voice then spoke,
In words that seethed with sullen rage, "Know, O Gods, that mighty Odin,
Knows full well what has befallen. Yet hear me now, this doom I utter,
That tortures foul beyond all deeming, shall traitor know who dares to laugh!"
Then out upon the royal dias, stepped the wrathful King of Gods,
Three feet high, and made of felt, fuzzy Chooser of the Fallen,
button-eyed and stuffed with cotton, roared in voice that cracked with rage,

"Where's that bastard trickster Loki? I'm gonna f**ing kill him!!"
Tags: buffy, fic
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