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With all the debate (and righteous feminist rage) that's going on about the dismissal of 'shippers for being irrational and over-emotional (you know, code words for "female"), I was reminded of a cartoon muskrat_john  drew back in 2003, soon after 'End Of Days' was first broadcast. I feel it sums up my own thoughts on the subject pretty well. :-)

Dork Tower 2003

(For people with images turned off or using screenreaders, the script:)

(From off-camera:)  Bwaaaaaa! That's soooooooo sad!
IGOR: What's up with that?
CARSON: Matt invited Kayleigh over to watch the second-to-last episode ever of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
IGOR: Ooooo. Bad move. With its soap opera plotlines and dark romance, Buffy is a show women can really get too emotionally caught up in...
CARSON: Women?

(Cut to Matt's living room. A bemused Kayleigh is comforting him as he sobs.)
MATT: ...And she... she loves Spike, but then she kisses Angel... bwaa!
KAYLEIGH: There, there. I, uh, think...

Tags: buffy, fandom
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