StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

We're doomed. Or maybe not.

The polling stations just closed here in the UK and an exit poll has just been published which forecasts:

Conservatives 307

Labour 255
Liberal Democrats 59
(Total of the two combined: 314)

Others: 29

First actual result due in about an hour.
*bites nails*

ETA 22:37
Looks like turnout is significantly higher this time - and there are reports of polling stations closing while people were still queuing to vote.

Also, why on Earth is Bruce Forsyth on our TV screens? What does he have to do with the election???

ETA 22:52
First result is in; Labour hold Houghton & Sunderland South. The new MP is a 26 year old woman. 55% turnout. Labour vote dropped 12%. LibDem vote dropped too (gasp!) BNP vote down as well (yay!).

ETA 23:29
Second result. Labour vote down 16%. LibDems up only 1%. Massive swing to the Conservatives - supposedly the biggest since 1945. :-(.

ETA 00:08
The people being turned away from polling statons/unable to vote is turning into the big story of the night so far. 'Disgraceful' according to BBC presenter.

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