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Instead of writing in-depth meta-analysis or fanfiction, tonight I decided to do something fun and simple... pick seven of my favourite Buffy moments (one from each season) and make icons from them. Feel free to use any of them.

Also, as a bonus eighth icon, I did this:

"You're not gonna kill these people."
"Why not?"
"Because it's wrong."
"You're the Slayer."
"The one and only."

Alert viewers will spot that that's actually a Faith moment, not a Buffy moment (although by this stage, it seems to me Faith is thinking she is Buffy), but for me it's still the exact moment Faith starts to turn her life around. Plus I get all goosebumpy watching it. :)

From 'Nightmares', one of the earliest examples of Buffy being the thing that monsters have nightmares about.
An obvious choice, perhaps, but still probably the single most powerful image in the show for me. Bit by bit, everything Buffy had has been stripped away from her, until there's only one thing left...
The Buffy/Faith dream scene from 'Graduation Day 2' is just so wonderfully atmospheric and moving; peace after the storm.
Regular readers of my LJ will know I've got a thing for the First Slayer; but Buffy's speech in that scene is equally haunting and powerful. And weird, of course. :)
Buffy discovers her power. From the shooting script:
"The reason he doesn't finish the sentence is the sword Buffy whips off the table and hurls across the room, that sticks into the shelf inches from his head."
What's not to love? :)
For me S6 was mostly Willow's story (OK, I think there was some stuff about Spike too) but Buffy stalking Dawn through their house in 'Normal Again' was one of the show's scariest scenes ever.
And we're back where we started. (I've already done an icon for the 'I'm standing on the mouth of hell, and it will swallow me whole" speech, which would be my other choice from S7).

Secondly, over on alt-tv-buffy-v-slayer, Apteryx asked, apparently in all innocence and sincerity, "Are there any Buffy/Willow shippers?" Why no, of course there aren't. After all, there was never the slightest hint or subtext suggesting anything remotely like that, was there?

So, I've done another five icons all about that non-existent subtext. :)


Edit to add: by request, here's a sixth Buffy/Willow icon! :)

And finally, this last icon was just purely gratuitous, created after I'd got the first screencap from 'Who Are You?'. 
I'm quite sure no-one on my flist could ever find a use for it.

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