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(Meta) Deathrate in Jossverse relationships

It's become a cliché that if you fall in love on a Joss Whedon show, you'd better make sure your will is up-to-date, because you're not long for this world. But what are your chances really? I decided to work out the data to find out what the actual death rate was for people in relationships in the Jossverse.

  • I'm only counting relationships which include at least one main-cast character (who appears in the opening credits).
  • A 'relationship' for the purpose of this survey doesn't have to be reciprocal as long as one partner feels strong emotions. 
  • The relationship must be referred to in at least three episodes of the show to count; I'm not including one-episode-only flings. 
  • I'm only counting the relationship as ending in "tragic death" if one partner was killed while the couple were still together - not if they split up normally and one of them was killed later on. (And yes, that's significant when it comes to Xander and Anya).


Buffy/Angel - split up
Buffy/Scott - split up
Buffy/Parker - split up
Buffy/Riley - split up
Buffy/Spike - non-fatal death
Buffy/Satsu - split up
Willow/Xander - split up
Willow/Oz - split up
Willow/Tara - tragic death
Willow/Kennedy - still together
Xander/Buffy - never happened
Xander/Cordelia - split up
Xander/Faith - split up
Xander/Anya - split up
Xander/Renee - tragic death
Xander/Dawn - still together
Giles/Jenny - tragic death
Giles/Olivia - split up
Oz/Bayarmaa - still together
Faith/Buffy - never happened
Faith/Robin - split up
Riley/Sam - still together (AFAWK)
Spike/Drusilla - split up
Spike/Harmony - split up
Dawn/Kenny - split up
Cordelia/Angel - tragic death
Angel/Darla - tragic deaths
Angel/Nina - split up
Wesley/Virginia - split up
Wesley/Lilah - tragic death
Wesley/Fred - tragic death
Wesley/Illyria - tragic death
Gunn/Fred - tragic death
Gunn/Gwen - split up
Connor/Cordelia - tragic death
Mal/Inara - never happened
Zoe/Wash - tragic death
Simon/Kaylee - still together
Billy/Penny - never happened
Captain Hammer/Penny - tragic death
Echo/Paul - still together in a creepy kind of way
Topher/Bennett - tragic death
Tony/Priya - still (back) together
Paul/November - tragic death


Out of 44 relationships, 14 ended in tragic death. That's 32%. So if you're in love and in a Joss Whedon show, you have slightly better than two chances in three to get out alive...

But it does depend on which show you're on. On BtVS, the death rate was only half the average, with 15% of relationships being ended by the permanent death of one participant. On Ats, relationships had a 70% death rate... and if you're Wesley, you're basically a walking jinx.

**Let me know if I've missed anyone!

Tags: angel, buffy, doctor horrible, dollhouse, firefly, meta
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