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(Meta) How Season 8 will end

I've generally not attempted before to predict how Season 8 will end, preferring to wait until we had more information. But it seems to me that enough cards are on the table now that's it's safe to hazard a guess. Of course, I'm probably going to be completely wrong, but you never know... and this explanation does seem to account for most of the puzzle pieces.

So, there's an ancient prophecy about a brand new perfect universe that will be born out of the ashes of the old one. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is something for the reader to decide, but the political (or religious) metaphor is obvious.

My speculation is that as we already know, the Chosen Slayer and Vampire of the prophecy are supposed to ascend and create the new universe: but the energy to fill it out, populate it and make it real is contained inside that glowing red egg, the Seed of Wonder.

I think there are two rival agendas at work here:

1. One side - the one which gave Angel his mission - were hoping that he and Buffy would manage to become the couple who created the new universe, allowing them to be the ones who would go on to shape it in their image.

2. The Master, on the other hand, has somehow acquired control of the Seed of Wonder, and I think he will try to use that in some way to ensure that the new universe will bend to *his* will instead.

Alternatively, it's possible that there is no Side 1, and the whole thing is the Master's manipulation from the start. Having two sides works better for me, though - and how did the Master get Whistler onto his side, if he's the mastermind behind the entire thing? Note that according to my theory, the Twilight prophecy and the Universe is still an impersonal force unwinding in the background; the different sides are attempting to control it and shape it to suit their agendas rather than actually making it happen. 

I  think that issues 37 and 38 of the comic will be about Buffy and her friends fighting and defeating the Master and foiling his evil scheme. They'll be victorious and it'll look like the season has ended in triumph... but there's still two issues to go.

Issue 39 is the one that Scott Allie has said will be 'tragic'. This is what I think will happen:

The Seed of Wonder contains the energy of an entire universe. But Buffy and Angel abandoned the universe they'd created, and without them it's withered and died. The energy has nowhere to go. When the egg cracks open, the result will be a literally-apocalyptic explosion that will destroy everything. Oops.

Then Dawn remembers something. Her blood has the power to open a gate to every single dimension simultaneously. If she can do that, then the energy in the egg won't be confined to just this universe; it will bleed off safely into all of them, and dissipate harmlessly. The catch is, Dawn has to die.

Buffy will utterly refuse to allow that. Dawn will insist. And then one by one, the rest of her friends will take Dawn's side. Spike will remind her that he died in the Hellmouth. Buffy will plead with Xander that he, above all, can't stand by and let his girlfriend kill herself; but Xander, although heartbroken, will say that it's Dawn's decision to make, not his and not Buffy's. Buffy will try to use force to stop it happening; her friends, and the other Slayers - basically, everybody - will use force to stop her.

Betrayal - the closest, the most unexpected. Dawn will carry out her sacrifice. The portals will open, the egg will crack, and the energy will bleed away safely. The world will be saved.

8.39 will end on two images: a stoic Xander carrying Dawn's body tenderly out of the ruined underground church; and Buffy, battered and broken and lost, sobbing helplessly on the ground next to the shards of the hatched egg.

But there's still one more issue to go. :-)

And what I think will happen is this: the egg contained enough energy to create a new universe, and Buffy has the remnants of her godlike powers. Maybe she'll be able to combine them to bring Dawn back again - after all, her body may be human but the Key is eternal. Or maybe she'll create a new pocket universe where Dawn is still alive. Or multiple universes, one of which is Fray's world where magic ended, and another where it didn't, and many others besides; and people will be able to choose which one they go to.

Doing this will take all of Buffy's remaining Twilight superpowers, leaving her as just a normal Slayer again ready for the start of Season 9. It would also be a nice pulling-together of threads if it's Willow and Saga Vasuki who show her how to do all this.

And maybe in Season 9, Spike's ship will travel between the different pocket universes (also known as "stand-alone comic book titles")  allowing people to stay in touch when the writers want them to interact. :-)

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