StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

Buffy 2: This Time, It's Sparkly

Since everybody else seems to be posting along these lines...

  • My Buffy said that 16 was too young to die, but walked to her death willingly all the same.
  • My Buffy told Angel she loved him, kissed him, and stabbed him through the heart to save the world.
  • My Buffy set out to murder her ex-friend, and ended up being inspired by her with an idea to avert the apocalypse.
  • My Buffy was the Hand that joined together with her friends' Mind, Heart and Spirit to beat an unbeatable foe.
  • My Buffy gave her life a second time so her sister could live in the world.
  • My Buffy came through death and out the other side; not undamaged but not defeated.
  • My Buffy went down into the mouth of Hell, and it choked on her.
  • My Buffy changed the world, and when it seemed it had all turned against her, decided to save the enemy wounded as well as her own.

But... my Buffy also defeated a centuries-old vampire lord with her keen fashion sense and a broken chair-leg at the Hemery High School dance. And she looked a bit different then to how she would later on, too. (See icon.)  :-)

So I'm not angrily rejecting the new reboot movie, nor will I be picketing cinemas or writing angry letters to Fran Kuzui. On the other hand, I doubt I'll pay money to see the film unless the word of mouth when (if) it's eventually released says that it's utterly amazing. I've liked most of the non-Buffy things Joss has done (yes, even Alien:Resurrection) and equally and oppositely, I wouldn't want to say I'll automatically dislike any Buffy story he doesn't write. Apparently Whit Anderson, the screenwriter, is a big 'Buffy' fan herself - and if she apparently hasn't had much experience as yet, neither had Joss when he wrote the original movie script.

So in short, I'll wait and see what happens.

Tags: buffy
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