StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

Season 8 pictures

I've been playing around with Photoshop this evening, creating a whole bunch of Season 8 icons. I'll be posting them shortly.  However, there are also three larger compare-and-contrast images that I thought people might be interested in seeing... 

First, the mysterious stranger in Buffy's dream. People have been concentrating on the clothing, but the pose did seem to ring a few bells too. See what you think:

Secondly, Buffy's skimpy clothing in the tied-to-the-bed scene has drawn some criticism on the basis that we never saw her wearing that sort of thing to bed before, so why has she started now? Well, it's not like she doesn't own such items, even if she doesn't normally sleep in them:

And lastly, Willow's clothing in the final scene. I've seen I'm not alone in thinking it was similar to Tara's dress in OMWF, so I dug up a picture from that episode. It's actually not quite the same: Tara was slightly more cleavagey (if not slutbomblike); but it does suggest that Willow's now buying her clothes from the Wicca Emporium:

Anyway; icons to follow.

Tags: art, buffy, meta
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