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(Meme) The smut meme

Stolen from ceciliaj  - 25 questions about my views on erotic fanfic. The meme includes 8 questions on vocabulary, so how could I resist?

Defining erotica

1. Do you consider 'bodice ripper' romance novels erotica?
Um... I suppose so? I've never really read any, unless you count Jean Auel's Stone Age novels.

2. Do you dislike, tolerate, or enjoy explicit sex in fiction or art?
It would depend on context (and the quality of the writing or art, of course). I wouldn't not enjoy it, but it might grate if it seemed totally gratuitous.

3. What is the maximum rating that you will read?

4. Does this vary depending on the medium or author?
Not really. I suppose it might be possible that a really good genfic writer sucks at writing sex scenes, or vice-versa, but that wouldn't be a general principle...

5. If you are an author, is the maximum rating for what you write different from what you read?
No. It took a while to work up the courage to write explicit sex scenes but I've broken through that barrier now (ATBSTTA).

Personal Preferences

6. If it wasn't warned for, and you came across an explicit sex scene, would you skip past it as fast as possible, skim through it, or read it?
Read it. Unless I was in a public place or someone was watching over my shoulder or I was at work or something, in which case skim it. :)

7. Do you enjoy BDSM scenes?
Not particularly. There might be specific individual tropes that come under the BDSM banner that interest me, but I'm not a big fan of it in general.

8. What about slave-fic?
Power imbalances squick me, unless the story is about rectifying them. There might be specific and obviously artificial situations I'd be comfortable reading about; but in general, no thanks.

9. Do you prefer het, slash, femslash, or multiples?
Femslash and het, mostly.

10. What is your favorite pairing (or multiple).
I'm not sure I have one in that sense. Most of the erotic fic I've written involves Willow, usually paired with Kennedy or sometimes with Buffy.

11. In a sex scene, what turns you on? Doesn't have to be explicit.
Small but vivid little details that bring the scene to life. Also, it's always fascinating and often sexy to read descriptions of things I haven't or can't experience myself, written by people who can and have. :)

12. What ruins the mood for you?
If it's obvious that the writer doesn't understand the mechanics of what they're describing. If the sex scene is too abstract and vague. (The opposite of the previous question, in other words.)

13. What do you wish writers would include more often in sex scenes?
More of #11 and less of #12. :)

14. What is your biggest squick? The one thing (besides paedophilia) that makes you exit a story and never go back.
Making someone a victim in a lingering and sadistic manner, especially if it involves betrayal or helplessness. In 'Buffy' fandom, that usually means stories where the protagonist has sex with a vampire and ends up getting killed by them.

Vocabulary: For each group of words, choose the one you prefer.

A lot of this depends on context. As I've said before, I associate certain words with particular characters: Willow would say, "penis, vagina, breasts," (unless she was deliberately trying for an attitude); Buffy would say "dick, pussy, boobs" and Faith would say "cock, cunt, tits"; and I think stories about those characters should use the appropriate vocabulary.

15. abdomen, abs, stomach, belly, tummy
Stomach, unless you're talking specifically about a man's muscles in that area ('abs'). But see above: certain words would fit particular characters better.

16. ass, butt, behind, rear end, derriere
Bottom. Probably 'ass' if I'm writing from the POV of an American character. Also I wish to formally protest about the lack of 'arse' as a choice in that list. :)

17. anus, asshole, hole, entrance
Anus, with the caveat as above.

18. penis, cock, dick, manhood, member
Penis, and ditto.

19. testicles, balls, nuts, jewels
In a sexual context, testicles. Balls sounds too much like a swearword, and nuts are what you kick people in.

20. vagina, cunt, pussy, entrance
Vagina - and yes, I tend to use the word to mean the entire female genital area rather than specifically the birth canal. I'm a rebel. 'Pussy' in British English is an embarrassingly twee word last used in naff 70s sitcoms, but I've got accustomed to its use in fandom.

21. labia, lips, mound
I'd probably say 'lips' but labia would be fine too. (Has anybody ever used the term 'labium' in a fic to refer to just one of them? :) )And no, I don't know why 'mound' is in that list. Shouldn't it say "folds" (which is okay as a synonym, although not if they're "slick" since that's way overused) or "petals" (yuck)?

22. breasts, boobs, tits/titties, the girls
Breasts in a sex scene, boobs in regular conversation.

23. have sex, fuck, screw, take, make love
Have sex, though the others are fine depending on who's saying them. Also, 'bonk'. No 'i'.

Truth or Dare

24. Fanfic: Do any of your R/L friends or family know you read it? Write it?
Yes; it's no big secret.

25. Erotica: Do any of them know you read or write sex scenes?
I assume so. It probably wouldn't be something for open discussion though, depending on the person.

Now it's everybody else's turn!
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