StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) Buffy's characterisation - update

Thanks to the people who replied to my poll on Sunday: just a quick update on what conclusions it reached.

A large majority of you (84%) thought that Buffy would be a little squicked by having to butcher an animal, and another 13% thought she'd be majorly squicked. That's good because it was in line with how I'd envisaged the scene myself. I was initially concerned that many readers would react by saying, "She's the Slayer! She hacks up demons for fun! It wouldn't bother her in the slightest!" - but in fact, only one person picked this option in the poll.

As for the bathing nude question, there was less consensus. The most popular option was that she'd be embarrassed, but do it anyway - but less than half of you (48%) picked that choice. Combining the two scores for "leaving her underwear on" (26%) and "going off somewhere alone" (23%) was exactly equal to the other option. Still, the poll and discussions helped me get a better feel for what would be in-character for her. I'm now thinking something on the lines of extreme initial reluctance followed by an "Oh, what the hell" reaction (but still only if there are no men watching).

And the water fight will definitely be in. :-) Now, all i need to do is try and make this one of the fics I actually manage to finish instead of running dry halfway through... :-(

Thanks for the help!

Tags: buffy, hiywan's story, meta, writing
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