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Fanfic! From me! Any moment now, expect a pale horse to ride by and someone to start opening seals..

Hi! It's only been over a month since I last posted anything at all, and over three since I posted fic. But guess what I have now? A multi-part 21,642-word new installment of Hiywan's Story, that's what. I'm planning to post two chapters a day to avoid overloading people's friends pages, but the story is 100% complete and written. \o/ (You may remember me posting a poll asking about Buffy's characterisation back in March; that's pretty much how long I've been writing this.

The story is a continuation of Last To Ancient First, which I wrote last year. If you haven't read or don't remember that story, the recap is simple enough: Buffy has been sent back in time 8,000 years to prehistoric Africa, where she joins up with the clan the First Slayer was born into - but by accident, she arrives about three years too early. Before the Slayer was made, and while she's still just a normal girl called Hiywan. Well, relatively normal...

Note that I have retconned a couple of elements of the 2010 fic in this continuation, mostly to make the story canon-compliant with the end of Season 8. Non-readers of Season 8 needn't worry about that: no knowledge of its plot is necessary outside of what's explained in this fic.

In essence, this a story about culture clash. I take a familiar character, Buffy, and throw her into a completely unfamiliar situation where she's hopelessly lost, to see how she copes. Hiywan too is a character close to my heart, and I always enjoy writing her reactions to things as first-person fic. She's always very forthright about what she thinks, but it's fun to occasionally hint that she doesn't always understand herself or the people around her quite as well as she thinks she does.

I had another reason for creating this, too: I realised that while I've written an awful lot of words about Hiywan, something I've very rarely done is include descriptive passages. What people look like, what their homes are like, what they do all day. It's rarely necessary in fanfic, because we already know what Willow looks like, what Xander does for a living, what 1630 Revello Drive is like. Spending half a page on a description of them would be silly. But habitually skipping the descriptive text is not such a good idea when it comes to original characters. The inspiration for 'Last To Ancient First' came from me imagining what a modern-day visitor to a Stone Age encampment would notice; what differences from today's world would be most striking.

Plus, of course, I love world-building. I had a background in RPGs before I ever got into writing fic, and it still comes out sometimes. :-)  (And just in case of confusion: that's Role Playing Games not Rocket Propelled Grenades.) I've done a lot of research of hunter-gatherer societies to write Hiywan's Story... although any mistakes should of course be chalked up to the Buffyverse being different from the real world, and narrative necessity trumping realism. ;-) I've got stacks of notes and ideas about Hiywan's world and society, very little of which has ever found its way into fic - mostly because it's way too abstruse and arcane, of course. (Seriously, ask me any question you like about her culture and society; I've probably got an answer. Or if not, your question will prompt me to think of one.)

I should warn that the story doesn't shy away from the more, well, down-to-earth aspects of Stone Age life. That was the point of writing it, after all: to show the contrast with the modern world. Squeamish people read at your own risk. (Well okay, it's not that bad really. But I do include a vivid description of how to gut and skin an antelope, based on accounts of Native American practices...)

On the other hand the usual disclaimer applies. Hiywan is a character, not an authorial mouthpiece. She isn't me. (In origin, actually, I wanted her to be a mixture of Buffy's stubbornness and heroism, and early-Willow's intelligence and sense of alienation from her culture.) The Mesolithic society I describe, with its social customs and laws, is intended to be consistent and plausible and true to what we actually know of prehistory, but not necessarily How Things Really Were. It's certainly not my prescription for an ideal society. A lot of it came from me starting with established datapoints about them and then extrapolating, and sometimes being really surprised myself at what I ended up with.

I hope you enjoy the fic.

Tags: buffy, commentary, fic, fic commentary, hiywan's story
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