StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) 6.07 A Good Man Goes To War

Just finished watching the last Doctor Who episode on iPlayer and I have three minor comments:

1. Do the TARDIS's translation circuits not work on babies? Not necessarily to talk to them fluently, but at least to know that "Wah wah wah!" means "I'm hungry!" while "Wah wah wah!" means "I'm tired!", "Wah wah wah!" means "My nappy needs changing!" and "Wah wah wah!" means "I'm scared of the big green reptilian lesbian alien Consulting Detective who eats people!"

2. Nice to see the return of the "Only water in the forest is the river" comment from a previous episode. I'm now thinking, though... if River Song does turn out to be the Doctor's future wife, this makes Amy the Doctor's future mother-in-law. And that amuses me greatly. :)

3. Also, if the little girl from 6.02 was Melody aka River, that means River Song can regenerate. Which kind of explains how she's still alive in the 52nd century...

*Uses River icon since I have no River icons* :-)

Tags: doctor who, meta
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