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(Fic/Art) Getting Back In Touch

So, the other week DH published Magical Mystery Tour, Jane Espenson's account of Spike's perilous voyages through time and space, and his eventual reunion with Buffy. The comic ends with his ship landing near the Golden Gate bridge where he finds Buffy waiting for him.

A few people have raised the important continuity point: how, exactly, did Spike know where she was? Since he last saw her, two months have gone by and she's gone to live in San Francisco. Does his bug ship have a buffy-detector fitted? Can he ~sense~ her because their ~souls are linked~? Or did he, y'know, call her on the phone and arrange where to meet? Except he probably doesn't have her number either.

So here's my fanfic attempt to explain this great mystery. In the form of art!

Title: Getting Back In Touch
Characters: Spike/Buffy, plus Dawn
Rating: PG
Wordcount: Um, I'm not sure. About 500?
Warnings: snark, unresolved sexual tension

Getting Back In Touch

1) The first attempt:

2) The second attempt:
(Author's note: you need to read the comments on Dawn's wall from the bottom upwards. Check the time/date stamps.)
3) The third attempt
And they all lived happily ever after. Except not, because this the Jossverse, so they probably ended up angsty and tormented and pouty - and yet bravely battling through it all because they're Big Damn Heroes.
The end.

Tags: art, buffy, fic, season 9

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Recent Posts from This Journal