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StephenT [userpic]

Hell's Heart (fic)

20th April 2007 (18:34)
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This is inspired by - and a tribute to - the rather wonderful Good Girls Go To Heaven – Bad Girls Go Anywhere by beer_good_foamy. You can consider it a sequel, if you like. 

ETA: Now with Director's Commentary (and theological discussion) here.

Faith Lehane, born 30 December 1980, died 19 April 2007. This story is set three days after her death.
Rating: 15   Wordcount: 1,400
Warnings:  violence, bad language, character deathdamnation, blasphemy and heresy. 


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Posted by: Vantiri (vantiri)
Posted at: 15th May 2017 02:27 (UTC)
Saints and Sinners.

Theologically put, what is a Saint but an Ex-Sinner? There isn't any difference between the two in this reply: a saint literally *is* an ex-sinner; one who has put away their sinful habits and behaviors.
By the way, I do so hope that you'll post this in your other accounts, as it, while dealing with disturbing behavior, is an outstanding story.
Pity that BeerGoodandFoamy's journal was deleted, that hurts so much, as he had some spectacular stories in it (guessing that that writer's a he- based on English grammar, and I'm referring to the *proper* rendition thereof, not the garbage that the left has been trying to indoctrinate young minds with for a long time: if in doubt in writing in English about someone, use the masculine as the "default gender setting" and you won't go wrong- you might be incorrect, but it's more polite than the other option should you be incorrect., and always will be, too!), I hope that his works will be able to be found sometime soon, and read whenever we want to, as they are spectacular, if peculiar.
Sincerely happy with this fic, although it took me a while to determine if I would be;
Vantiri, your fan.

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