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StephenT [userpic]


11th October 2006 (20:59)
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I've being playing around with Photoshop lately, and thought I'd post the results here so you can all point and laugh. I'm more used to designing 40x40 pixel icons, so the 100x100 Livejournal gives seems like positive luxury... and I've also been experimenting with a new visual style. 

Feel free to use/adapt these (though credit would be nice, naturally) or even suggest different captions I could add to these ones. :)

S2   W1

S1   F-B1   T1   W2   W3

W4   W5   W6   W7   B1

(Yes, I admit I was getting silly by the last one)


Posted by: Lidia (beloved4always)
Posted at: 11th October 2006 21:44 (UTC)

well, I snagged one of the spike ones and I must admit the last one made me laugh out loud. does that make me a bad buffy fan?

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