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StephenT [userpic]

(Fic) Shipping Forecast

6th October 2011 (23:07)
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Because I'm feeling silly, and obscure: a drabble. One hundred words which I'm not sure anyone non-British will understand. :-)

Shipping Forecast

And now attention all shippers: this is the Shipping Forecast issued by stormwreath on behalf of fandom at 22:06 UTC on Thursday 6 October. There are warnings of gales in all areas except for Riley.

Spike, Buffy:
Westerly, Violent storm 11, becoming cyclonic. Rough or very rough. Squally showers. Good.

Willow, Oz, Tara, Kennedy:
Southeasterly 2 or 3, veering southerly. Storms imminent. Slight, becoming high occasionally. Fair. Moderate or poor, becoming good.

Cyclonic, hurricane force 12. Very rough, occasionally phenomenal. Rain. Very poor.

Xander, Anya:
Northerly, gale 8, backing westerly, falling to 1 later. Smooth, rough later. Showers. Moderate.


Posted by: gillo (gillo)
Posted at: 6th October 2011 22:16 (UTC)
you're funny

You Rockall!

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 6th October 2011 22:17 (UTC)


I was worried people would think I was being rather mali(g)n here...

Posted by: gillo (gillo)
Posted at: 6th October 2011 22:32 (UTC)
Be afraid

It's all Wight. We're Fastnet to catch on and won't Bailey on you...

Posted by: erimthar (erimthar)
Posted at: 7th October 2011 20:50 (UTC)

Well, I know about shipping forecasts thanks to Mrs. Bale on "As Time Goes By"... but I'm not familiar with the shorthand.

I think I can figure out that it's: wind conditions, sea conditions, precipitation conditions... then not sure about the last one.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 8th October 2011 01:03 (UTC)

You've got it. The last one is visibility - good, moderate, poor or very poor. Or here, it's the quality of the sex. :-) (Except for Faith, when it's her social class.)

Example of the real thing:

Posted by: harsens_rob (harsens_rob)
Posted at: 19th October 2011 02:17 (UTC)
Yeah, but....

I'm surprised (at this point, I just got Buffy S9, #2 - I'll try read through it before I read any reply so as not to be spoiled) that you didn't mention a Dawn/Xan forecast.

That relationship took me by surprise in S8. So... insights?

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 19th October 2011 10:21 (UTC)
Re: Yeah, but....

Well, I was keeping things more or less TV-series oriented here. But if you want:

Dawn, Kenny, Nick, Xander: Westerly two, rising to three, backing southerly and falling to one, then two again. Smooth, rough patches. Changeable. Moderate to good.

Their relationship didn't take me by surprise: they were building up to it ever since 8.01 when it was Xander who cared enough about Dawn to push Buffy into spending time with her sister. Xander seemed to be the only one thinking of her still as a person instead of the victim of a spell, while Dawn saw him as the only person she could confide in.

It was building trust and a connection between them even at the stage where they both still had emotional entanglements elsewhere: Xander with Renee, and Dawn still self-blaming over the triangle with Kenny and Nick. Ther's also the fact that Dawn telling Xander about her sexual misadventures early in the season meant that he got the message loud and clear, "She's a grown woman now" early on, with time to get used to it, not to mention a tactful gap of time, before he gets involved with her himself.

Notice that in 'Living Doll' Xander quite casually suggests that centaur!Dawn is out "sowing wild oats" with the other woodland folk, while Buffy is still mistakenly in a "My baby sister is too young for that sort of thing" mode.

Posted by: harsens_rob (harsens_rob)
Posted at: 2nd November 2011 23:24 (UTC)
Re: Buffy & Dawn....

What I find interesting is that I'd say at least 75% of fanfic involves Buffy refusing to see that Dawn is basically an adult by S8. She's making her own choices... including about sex and relationships... and the actual authors of the comic book also reflects this. We (in the majority) all see Buffy as having a hard time with the concept of Dawn being a woman.

To your comments about Xan/Dawn: I did see Xander as seeing Dawnie more as growing into her own person and becoming a sexually mature person (along with Willow). I just didn't see them as actually becoming involved. I always thought of Xan as being her confidant who would play referee between her and Buffy as she became sexually and relationship-ily active.

This could totally be my gay perspective, though. I have often played the role of confident to my female friends about their boyfriend questions/problems/doubts. I could easily see myself placing Xander in this role, unconsciously, which would have caused my not seeing that Xan might be interested in Dawn as a woman and as a romantic relationship. Basically, Xander as my identifying figure, and ergo, placing him into the role as I've lived it - rather than seeing the actual objective of their development.

Ugh. Renee -- I kind of resent her being killed, just because I called that since the 'The Long Way Home' when I saw the bullseye on her forehead. I wish I'd been shocked more. [Let's face it, they already did this so Xander SHOULD have a relationship that doesn't end in death (Anya) or grievous bodily harm (Cordy) -- if anything, Dawn makes me happy because it seems less likely that they'll use her to tread former ground than an original character like Renee).

As to Dawn/Ken ... well... disappointment on my end, as seen by my reviews.

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