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(Fic) As With Womankind

So I was talking about the Sarah Connor Chronicles earlier today, and specifically about the 'ship John/Cameron. Which arguably didn't exist on the show as such, only in subtext and John's mother's nightmares. Still, afterwards I was still thinking about it, and - as you do - I began to wonder what sex was like for a Terminator. No, not with a Terminator, for a Terminator. After a while I opened up Notepad and started writing my thoughts down. 2400 non-stop words later, I had a fic...

It's definitely pornographic, but I'm not sure I'd call it erotic. Unless you're also a robot. Or into robots. Or just weird and kinky -- which is, of course, a good thing: so if you are, this fic is for you. :) It is however, funny: though possibly also only if your sense of humour is weird. Which mine is. Hopefully a few other people might find it amusing and/or interesting too... 

I must say, on a non-porn-related note, that it's always a joy to write Cameron. On one level she's so mechanical and precise and measured; but there's always that sense that she's teetering on the edge of full human self-awareness, free will and emotional capacity, not really understanding herself what it is she's feeling. It makes her fascinating.

Oh, and for those of my flist who are purely Buffy fans and never watched T:SCC, a quick summary so you know what's going on:

At some point in the near future a computer system named Skynet will achieve sentience and decide to wipe out the human race. However, it's foiled at the last minute by a human resistance organisation led by a man called John Connor. Skynet decides to prevent this from happening by using a time machine, and sending a killer robot - a Terminator - back to kill John's mother before he was even born, so he will never have existed. The first Terminator, despite looking like Arnold Schwarzeneggar, failed in its mission, so Skynet tried again. And again. Eventually John realised what Skynet was trying to do, so he sent his own killer robot - this one looking like Summer Glau - back through time as well. However this Terminator, who adopted the human name Cameron as her cover identity, had been reprogrammed by future!John to act as bodyguard for his younger past self.

During the first episode of the second season Cameron was badly damaged in an explosion which reset her back to her original programming - to kill John. (Every Terminator Skynet ever made has "Kill John Connor" as its prime directive.) However, Cameron was eventually able to override her own programming and cancel the order to kill John. Since then, perhaps due to the damage or to her long separation from Skynet, she has been exhibiting increasingly erratic behaviour, including a capability to exceed her programming, learn from experience, and even make her own decisions. This fic is set at some indeterminate point in the show's second season.
A lot of T:SCC episodes had titles with Biblical references, so this fic is no different. 

So: the fic.
Title: As With Womankind
Characters: John Connor/Cameron
Wordcount: 2429
Rating: 18R (NC-17)
Warnings: Robot sex. Clinical analysis of that sex. Possibly elements of dubcon, given that one character has pre-programmed responses, seeing as how she's a robot. However, Cameron would like me to point out that she's a cybernetic organism, with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton, and not strictly speaking a robot. Though everybody calls her that anyway.

As With Womankind

She's lying on the bed, and John is lying on top of her. He weighs 62.13 kilos, which is 100.0035% of his weight last time they did this. The difference is not enough to cause concern, so she archives the data and dismisses it. Her skin is bare, and the sensors built into it are constantly monitoring John's body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate. They're all elevated, but within parameters. The data she is collecting will all be catalogued in her memory banks, allowing her to create a more refined and accurate baseline model of his physiology. She feels a sense of achievement at this, which her circuits report as pleasurable satisfaction.
John's penis is currently embedded in her vaginal passage. He inserted it there 143 seconds ago: she dilated the artificial muscles around the opening to allow it entry, then carefully contracted them again to fit snugly around the organ. This is a complex and delicate operation; tightening the muscles too far would result in pain or even injury, which is to be avoided at all costs. Not tightening them sufficiently would result in insufficient friction as he moves his penis in and out of her, which would reduce his pleasure. This would not normally be a major concern: Cameron's first priority is John's safety, not his pleasure. Nevertheless, she feels pride and a sense of accomplishment on the occasions when she is able to ensure both.
Also, if he fails to find this activity enjoyable with her, he may instead decide to engage in it with human women instead. That possibility makes her feel negative emotions including anger and fear, which she interprets as a reaction to the greater security risk he would be incurring.
As John works the muscles of his lower body, his penis is moving up and down inside her at an average rate of one stroke every 0.37 seconds, and travelling an average distance of 28mm each time. The rate is not as constant or precise as Cameron herself could achieve, but she is carefully recording the data and archiving it with the measurements from previous such occasions. This will enable her to make statistical analyses and calculate standard deviations. She is aware that the average frequency of his thrusting increases as he approaches orgasm, and is trying to refine the algorithm so she can predict the exact moment further in advance. So far she can estimate the moment of his first ejaculation to one hundredth of a second with a 95% probability 24 seconds beforehand; she is hoping to increase that to 30 seconds this time.
Suddenly the thrusting changes in an unanticipated manner, and Cameron's data processor goes into full alert. The penis withdraws almost entirely from her vagina, then slides deeply inside it, travelling a total distance almost twice as far as the previous average. John begins repeating this action, and after a while she is able to calculate that his new frequency of motion is over 52% slower than his previous rate. However his heartbeat and breathing remain at the same raised levels without showing signs of distress, and the non-verbal vocalisations he is making also indicate pleasure. Cameron concludes that this activity is merely a new variation rather than a different type of behaviour. She steps her awareness back down from full alert, while recording the novel data under a new file category.
The change does remind her to check the lubrication level in her vagina. It is currently at 73%, which is within safety tolerances but dropping close to the line. Her internal liquid reservoir currently contains 0.87 litres of distilled water; this is a reserve for emergency cooling of her nuclear power core as well as being connected to her mouth, tear ducts, vagina and urethra to allow her to mimic human bodily functions for infiltration purposes. She draws off a suitable small amount of water and mixes it with the biochemical additives necessary to mimic vaginal fluid. It is then pumped through the tiny capillaries lining the internal walls of that organ. Here it coats both her own artificial skin and the natural skin of John's inserted penis, allowing it to slide back and forth more smoothly. Cameron's auditory sensors detect a rhythmic wet squelchy sound beginning as she does this, making her worry that she has overdone the lubrication; but John does not seem to react negatively.
27 seconds later, however, he speaks to her. This is not within normal parameters, and she becomes alarmed. He says, "Christ, Cam, can't you show you're enjoying this?"
Her data processor analyses the situation and runs through possible responses. She does not feel the same physical pleasure he is feeling: she is sure of that. Skynet did program her with reaction to outside stimuli, including pain and pleasure responses, both to help her mimic humans and to provide some instinctive protection in dangerous environments. However, it would endanger her mission if she were ever to be incapacitated by either agony or ecstasy: therefore the sensations are not nearly so overwhelming as those she has observed in humans, and she has an override function that can cut them off entirely if required. She has seen no need to engage that override at present, so the artificial nerves around her vaginal opening are reporting the sensations of friction and pressure as pleasant ones. Still, her experience is clearly far from what John is currently going through: she wonders for a moment what it would feel like. What a human woman in her physical position right now would be experiencing. But she has no way of knowing, so she dismisses the question.
As for mentally: she is, in fact, experiencing a high degree of pleasure. She is collecting much vital data, refining her models of John's responses and physiology. She is keeping him safe and contributing to his mental and physical health and stability, which is her basic purpose in being here. She is making him happy. In short, she is fulfilling her mission, which is the deepest source of satisfaction programmed into any Terminator.
She suspects, based on previous experience, that John would not appreciate her telling him that. She scrolls through her list of alternative responses; none of them seem quite adequate, but eventually she picks one. The entire process of calculation has taken her 0.13 seconds.
She says, "Would you like me to fake an orgasm?"
He groans loudly, and she instantly recognises that she chose wrongly. He seems upset. He has also stopped thrusting, and his penis is motionless inside her. She contracts her internal musculature very slightly around it, and then relaxes again, hoping to provoke a response. She says, "I'm sorry. What do you want me to say?"
"Can't you just-- wait. What did you do?"
"You mean this?" She squeezes his penis again, a little harder this time.
He gasps, then says, "Yes, that. That's good... God. Why can't you just do... more stuff like that? Move. Make noises. Don't just lie there like a metal dummy."
"I'm not entirely metal. Only my skeleton and internal components: you know this." He does, but he doesn't seem in the mood for a lecture right now, so Cameron skips the rest of it. Instead she says, quite sincerely, "John, I enjoy having sex with you."
"Do you? Do you really?"
"Yes of course." She squeezes his penis a third time to illustrate this, and is relieved when he begins rocking his hips and thrusting into her again, although more slowly and irregularly than before. "I may not show it the same as you, but I feel pleasure and satisfaction when we make love."
"Because that's how you're programmed."
He says it bitterly, but to Cameron it's the simple truth. "Yes of course."
But then she realises this probably isn't enough for him, so she switches personality modules. "Screwing's fun. It's tight." The pun occurs to her immediately, and she adds with a smile, "And so am I". And squeezes him again to illustrate her meaning.
John groans, but there's a trace of humour back in his voice even as he lectures her: "Don't make sex jokes, Cam. You're crap at it."
"So shut up and fuck me then." He gasps in surprise at her words - she can feel it clearly through the sensors in her skin where he lies on top of her. But then he grins, and shifts his weight, and starts thrusting again in earnest. He's back to the old rhythm, or even slightly faster; she clocks him in at an average 0.34 seconds between thrusts now.
But she needs to respond to his request. She runs through her library of sexual response routines. Gathering such data was never a high priority for Skynet, but she has eight possible programs to use. Five of them end in orgasm, which she's been told not to fake. But none of the other three seem very appropriate to her. Her memory files, however, now contain terabytes of information on human sexual activity she's personally gathered from the Internet; and she assesses the possibility of splicing this data into her programs to add variation and realism.
Unfortunately, her analysis tells her that this process will take a long time; perhaps days or weeks to complete to her satisfaction. She feels a warm glow of anticipation and excitement; this will be a major challenge for her skills. She will also have to engage in sex regularly with John to test and perfect the routines she is developing: she hopes he will not object to this requirement. She suspects that he will not.
In the meantime, though, she will have to use one of her canned routines. She chooses S.03, a fairly subtle one, and engages it on minimum gain at first. Gradually she ups the amplitude, not wanting to make an abrupt change that might put John off his stroke.
She starts to vocalise softly, little sighs and moans, and the muscles controlling her lung function start expanding and contracting more rapidly. She begins moving her hips up and down, trying to match the same speed as John despite the annoying, too-human fraction of a second irregularities in his strokes. His penis slides in and out of her, deeper and further as she pushes up to match him pushing down. Her vaginal sensors continue to report pleasurable sensations; John's nervous system is clearly doing the same for him to a far greater degree. His breathing becomes harsh and rapid, his heart races.
In the corner of Cameron's HUD, numbers appear: current time, estimated time of John's orgasm, confidence level, and a counter showing the difference between the two times. It's currently at 41.32 seconds with a confidence level of 67.3%. Cameron adjusts the estimate based on her algorithm and the changing rate of John's pulse, and the countdown smoothly adjusts to match while the confidence level of the prediction still pulses red.
Then it goes green, and the countdown locks. It's 21:38:18.36 on the evening of 16 November, and her calculation says that John will start to ejaculate at precisely 21:38:49.35. That's more than thirty seconds away; if she's right, then her algorithm is more perfect than it has ever been. All she has to do is wait and see. She lies there, running Subroutine (Sexual) S.03 as John pants and gasps and thrusts on top of her, while her central control unit waits in increasing anticipation and excitement to see if she's guessed correctly.
John cries out, his face contorts and his muscles lock. Part of Cameron's processing capacity is monitoring his health carefully: for all that this activity is natural for humans, it puts a strain on their heart and other organs that might be dangerous, and she has to be ready to respond. But her own private attention is focussed entirely on the internal sensors of her vaginal passage, waiting, waiting, waiting for...
There! A splatter of warm, sticky liquid on the inner back-facing portion of her vagina, left of the centreline, next to sensor A-34-V456. She records the exact moment it hit, and checks it... 21:38:49.35.
21:38:49.35 !!
She did it! To within one hundredth of a second accuracy, she actually predicted the moment of John's orgasm over half a minute before it happened! Happiness fills her, and she hears herself crying "Yes!" out loud in her sheer joy of the moment.
John's lost in his own space. She can feel his penis still pulsing in what - to her elevated capabilities - is a leisurely slow pace, as it continues to pump more semen into her vagina to join that first triumphant splash. But he retains enough self-awareness to glance down at her with a really odd look as she cries out.
Then it's over. The penis inside her grows smaller and softer, and then it's no longer there at all. John's weight vanishes from on top of her in almost the same instant, and then he's lying on the bed next to her.
"I told you not to fake it." He's grumbling, but there's a soft, furry edge of pleasure still in his voice.
"I didn't fake anything."
He rolls over to stare at her in suspicion; she meets his eyes with perfect sincerity. She really isn't lying, and after a moment he seems to realise that. He shakes his head.
"I'll never understand you."
"That's good. Women are supposed to be a mystery."
He barks out a short, chopped laugh. "Yeah right, whatever. Come on, we'd better get dressed. Things to do tonight."
She focusses inward, as she opens her vaginal capillaries and puts the pumping action into reverse. The lubrication is reabsorbed easily; the water will be extracted and the remainder transferred to her organic waste sac for later disposal. The semen proves a little more tricky; John's seminal fluid is easy enough to remove, but his sperm, even though microscopic, could clog her filters unless she's careful. She increases the speed of her pump, and her lower torso grows warm in response. Then her internal analyser begins its work on the sperm automatically, and she winces as the result flashes up on her HUD. "DNA match 100%: John Connor". And then a priority order: "Terminate".
She overrides it, as she has so many times before.
John hesitates, his legs already halfway into his trousers. "You know you don't have to do this for me. But... thanks."
Cameron smiles serenely, the "Termination Cancelled: Manual Override" message still flashing in the corner of her HUD.
"It's my pleasure."

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