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2011 - Year in Review

After looking back through my LJ archive for 2011, I was actually surprised by how much I wrote. It feels like it would have been much less; perhaps because it seems much quieter around here generally. But it turns out I wrote 51,392 words of fic last year, compared to only 34,533 words the year before. That's two multi-chapter stories, six stand-alones, four drabbles and two stories using artwork - a Buffy/Spike story told using email, Facebook and texting, and a heroic tale of kittens in jet planes fighting demons told through the medium of LOLcat image macros.

Plus the usual comics reviews, and some meta (though not so much of that).


History of the Watchers' Council - 6 chapters, 15773 words. My magnum opus for the year: the complete (fanfictionalised) history of the Council from its earliest beginnings with the Shadowmen right up to the present day.
Interview with the First Slayer - 3276 words. A meme where fictional characters are interviewed about their beliefs, morals and experiences; in this case, the character in question was Hiywan.
Rockets Blazed Through the Sky - 110 words / LOLcats. Season 8 the way you've never seen it before.
Thy Domain, and Primal Strength - 6 chapters, 21,642 words. Buffy goes back in time 8000 years and spends a day with Hiywan's tribe, and suffers from extreme culture shock. Plus waterfights. (Contains one explicit 18R-rated chapter.)
PBAB - 100 words. A season 9 drabble about Riley going to Buffy's party.
Arrangements - 2059 words. Set just after 'The Gift', the surviving Scoobies have to decide what to do about Dawn.
Getting Back In Touch - 500 or so words / art. Spike uses all the resources of modern technology to get back in touch with Buffy. Eventually.
Insert Tab A into Slot B - 478 words. Tara is getting frustrated.
South of the Border - 2289 words. Buffy is also getting frustrated, because she's not used to having to share her bedroom with a roommate. (Explicit 18R-rated fic.)
Good for the Soul - 100 words. Drabble: Angel goes to confession.
Shipping Forecast - 100 words. Drabble inspired by the BBC Shipping Forecast.
Trigger Discipline - 2436 words. Buffy has been (very reluctantly) persuaded to learn how to use a gun. Kennedy is teaching her the basics.
Memories - 100 words. Drabble about Xander, Dawn and the end of magic.
As With Womankind - 2429 words. A Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles fic. Cameron is a killing machine in human form, designed not to feel pity, remorse or fear. So what does she think about when she has sex? (Explicit 18R-rated.)
Comics reviews

Review of Magical Mystery Tour -


The Smut Meme - 25 questions about my views on erotic fanfic
Meta/Poll: How would Buffy react to (a) gutting and skinning an animal (b) skinny dipping with strangers? (Story research.)
Transcript of Joss Whedon's DVD commentary on the episode 'Innocence'.
Link to the French version of I've Got A Theory (Moi j'ai une théorie)
Cartoon: Remote Control Vampires
Meta: If Spike played 'The Sims' (Plus other characters too.)

Happy New Year to everyone!
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