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StephenT [userpic]

The history of Middle-Earth (chibi version): Part 9: War! What is it good for?

18th February 2013 (12:12)

I'm actually managing to keep to a regular posting schedule for these, and I did a couple more yesterday so I've some in the bank for the foreseeable future. Wonders never cease.

On the 'Buffy' reviews front, I didn't get into town for a long time recently (still convalescing) but I have finally got to the comics shop and acquired about a month's supply of Season 9 comics, so hopefully there'll be reviews of them at some point.

In this episode - how do you fight a war when everybody's immortal?

Word List: Eru = God (literally, "The One")

Part 9: War! What is it good for?

Next time: Part 10: Victory in Arda

Chibis by tektek.org
Original story by and copyright to J R R Tolkien, ed. C Tolkien: Primarily based on the Silmarillion, but incorporating ideas from the 12-volume History of Middle Earth series. Apologies to any Australians reading this! The "Elf" and "Human" chibis are ones I designed for Beren and Lúthien, so you'll see them again later.
Questions and comments welcome!


Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 18th February 2013 13:43 (UTC)

Parsley good
Weed bad

No wonder metal fans are so fascinated with Sauron.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 18th February 2013 14:07 (UTC)

That's actually Giant Hogweed that Melkor's growing there (Heracleum mantegazzianum), though Wikipedia tells me it's sometimes called "giant cow parsley", so perhaps that's what you meant?

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 18th February 2013 14:19 (UTC)

Ah, I figured the parsley bit was the "life" that whatsherfrigg planted, and Melkor added the (presumably undead) spider.

I have to say that as supremely evil deeds go, inventing garnish isn't the vilest one.

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