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(Fic) Mystical Recharge

After my review of the latest Buffy comic, red_satin_doll provoked me into writing Willow/Dawn femslash comment!fic. I'm re=posting it here for those who missed it: you can blame her for it... ;)

For those who aren't following Season 9 here's a quick version of the backstory: the mystical Key energy inside Dawn is running out, leading to her falling seriously ill. But! Unknown to the rest of the Scoobies as yet, Willow is returning to Earth charged up with power from the Embodiment of Magic, with the ability and desire to share her new magical energy with others. As I said in the review:

"Giving the mystical battery inside Dawn a magical recharge sounds exactly like something she'd do to save the day."

I also commented that this sounded remarkably like the premise for a femslash smut fic... at which point I was challenged to write it. So I did. :)

Title: Mystical Recharge
Characters: Willow/Dawn
Setting: Season 9
Rating: 18 (Mature, not explicit)

Dawn looked at Willow dubiously. "When you say, 'recharge the mystical battery inside me', how exactly do you plan to do that?"

Willow seemed unable to answer, her tongue tied with embarrassment. Her face turned as red as her hair. Dawn sighed theatrically.

"It's going to involve sex, isn't it? Why do these things always have to involve sex?"

(Willow was still too mortified with embarrassment to give a straight answer to that question. She did, however, amid much stammering and hiding of her face, manage to get across that the process would involve her "transferring the mystical energy of her breath to the chakras of Dawn's body".)

"So, like, you'll breathe all over me? Is that all? I hope you've brushed your teeth since spending weeks in that stinky bath-free hell dimension."

"That's the third thing I did when I got back! And, uh, don't ask about the first two. But no, Dawnie, it's kinda more involved than that, I have to, uh, use my mouth, um, my lips, uh... with the pressage..."

"What? Oh! You mean you have to kiss me? Is that the big deal? Get on with it."

"Um, are you sure...? I mean, it's a bit more, well, prolonged than just a simple kiss. And I'll have to..."

"Yes, I--- wait. What exactly are these 'chakras' you were talking about?"

"The mystical centres of energy within your body. Each one controls certain aspects of both your personality and your physical functions. There are seven of them...."

"So where's the first?"

"The top of your head."

"So you're making all this fuss because you have to kiss my head? Just get on with it already!"

(Five minutes of smooching noises)

"All done?"

"Yep. Just, unf, got a hair caught in my mouth - what? Did you just giggle?

(Dawn mutters something indistinct.)

"No it is not an 'occupational hazard of my sexuality, that I should be used to by now'! Don't be cheeky."

"Sorry. So now what?"

"Your brow. Or forehead, kind of..."

"Willow, this is all really tame stuff. What's the big embarrassing deal -- no wait, don't tell me."

"Well, if you're sure..."

(Five more minutes of smooching noises)

"Good! Need to wipe away a slight bit of your drool here. And all done! Now what?"

"Well, um, ah..."


"Your throat."

"My throat? Ew. I, um, thought it would be my mouth next, actually."

"No. It's, uh, the chakra of breath."

"Okay. I trust you. My throat. You definitely aren't a vampire, are you?"

I walked here, didn't I? Under the hot California sun?"

"Point taken. Go for it."

(Another five minutes of smooching noises. Dawn is looking a little flushed by the end of it.)

"Oh. Wow. Is it getting hot in here or what?"

"Well, you, um, you'll need to, er..."

"Willow? What's up?"

"Well, the next chakra is, um, I mean to say..."

"It's my tits next, isn't it? You're clearly working your way downwards, and it's pretty obvious where you're headed."

"No! No no! No, it's not--- Well. It's kind of not. Sort of not. It's your chest next."

"Ha! Same thing."

"No! We're talking about your heart! Your mystical core of energy. I'll be kissing you, um, between... between your boobies. It's totally different!"

"Yeah, yeah. But I presume you do need me to take my top off?"

"Well... yes?"

"Okay. Do it. Don't tell Xander. Or Buffy. Or, well, anybody in the whole world."

(Three minutes of smooching noises. Increasingly heavy breathing from both women.)

"Um, Will?"


"You, uh, don't have to stay between them. You can, kind of, move to the side a little? If you want to..."


(At least eight minutes of smooching noises, suckling noises, heavy breathing and occasional soft gasps from Dawn.)

"Uh. Mmm. Keep heading down..."


"What? You said seven chakras and you've only done four. I'm pretty sure I've guessed what the next one is going to be..."

"The next one is your navel."

"Oh? Damn. I guessed wrong. What's after that?
"Willow, you're blushing and not saying anything. That's fine! I can go with the not-saying-anything. Just keep on 'recharging my batteries' with your mouth."

"Dawn! Th-this is s-serious stuff. Honestly! It's n-not just an excuse to... It's not!"

"I know. But hurry up! You can, you know, skimp on the navel chakra if you spend a really, really long time with the next one. That won't spoil the magic, will it?"

"Um... I think it'll help the magic, actually..."

"Oh good."

(Fade to black)
Tags: buffy, fic, season 9
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