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StephenT [userpic]

(Art) National Poetry Month!

22nd April 2013 (13:43)

A couple of times in the dim and distant past, (2007 and 2009, to be exact) I created image collages of two of my favourite poems, in honour of National Poetry Month. Even though I'm pretty sure the 'nation' in question isn't my own nation.

Since I'm currently working on the Chibi History of Middle Earth, and was reminded that it's National Poetry Month once again, I thought I'd do another image collage, but this time of my favourite Tolkien poem - 'Beren's Farewell' from the Silmarillion. Which also, coincidentally, features my favourite Tolkien character:

(Which does lead me to wonder who would win in a fight; Willow Rosenberg or Lúthien Thingol's daughter...)

Anyway, here it is. Behind a cut (apart from the intro) since it's huge.


Posted by: none of the above (frogfarm)
Posted at: 22nd April 2013 20:11 (UTC)

I have been informed
National Poetry Month
Is this April...fuck.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd April 2013 20:59 (UTC)

Well done! Your haiku even includes a reference to the season or time of year. Most people forget that part. :)

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