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StephenT [userpic]

100 words or less...

13th May 2007 (13:07)
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Meme copied from magista and rahirah - use Microsoft Word's 'autosummarise' feature to turn one of your longer fics into a drabble. I've gone for 'Intrusion', which was 5531 words and is now 95. For anyone who hasn't read it, it's a Willow and Kennedy gen* story set after 'Chosen' (but before the start of season 8).

* Using my definition of gen, which is "a story which concentrates on plot and action, not romance or sex" rather than "a story where even a pre-existing relationship between the characters cannot be mentioned or even hinted at." Just so you know. 

"It's time." 16 platforms.

Glittering, cold, black and evil.
A gleaming sword of light appeared in her hand.

The darkness coiled and stretched, seeing its moment. Desperate raw refusal flooded through her, turning her skin to fire, her eyes to cold obsidian. Stronger. Opening the door, the redhead stepped out onto the cool earth and stretched.

Willow grinned in reply.

Kennedy looked dubious.

Willow’s grin was becoming distinctly manic. It was, Willow thought slightly hysterically, the first time she’d ever seen her lover speechless. It could, like, destabilise the whole world economy if we…”

Willow shrugged.

You know, it actually seems to make coherent sense as a story. :)


Posted by: spikeNdru (spikendru)
Posted at: 13th May 2007 23:26 (UTC)
Oh bollocks

Ooo! Yours does make sense. rahirah's seems to consist of the words "Spike" and "Buffy", and speakr2customrs has everyone frowning - alot! I'm so sad that I can't play. I have OpenOffice, and even if I save as a Word doc, it still opens in the OpenOffice format and thus has no 'autosummarise' feature. :(

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 14th May 2007 00:26 (UTC)

It probably makes sense because I write these really long, convoluted sentences, though... :)

If you want to nominate one of your stories, I could autosummarise it for you?

Posted by: spikeNdru (spikendru)
Posted at: 14th May 2007 02:50 (UTC)
Dawn squee

I write these really long, convoluted sentences, though... :) Heh! Some of mine start out that way, but my beta never lets me get away with it and generally makes me break them up into 2-3 separate sentences. (Unless I specifically say something like, "Note to makd: This is Xander speaking and it's supposed to be convoluted and run-on. Step away from the Xander-speak.")

That would be . . . neat! Do you have an e-mail addy? I could send you a copy saved as a Word.doc.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 14th May 2007 09:17 (UTC)

Well, I was writing Willow here, so convoluted run-on sentences are likewise appropriate. :)

lj[at]stempest.demon.co.uk - or if the story you want me to summarise is online, send me the address. It won't be until I get home this evening, though (UK time). (Yes, i'm currently reading this at work. Slapped wrist.)

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