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StephenT [userpic]


17th May 2007 (13:07)
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According to some, the fact that Warren is walking and talking at the end of the third comic somehow exonerates Willow of all the bad things she did in season 6. I haven't got time to go into this in detail at the moment (since I'm leaving for the airport in 25 minutes' time) but the icon below the cut sums up my views on that thesis. A picture speaks a thousand words, and all that...




Posted by: Mrs Darcy (elisi)
Posted at: 17th May 2007 12:12 (UTC)
Willow kills people by awmp

Heh. ;)

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 17th May 2007 12:27 (UTC)

Heh. Good one.

Though I'm still a bit miffed about it, and getting miffeder after I read the preview of #4. I never said it exonerated her completely, though it takes SOME of the edge off it, but I still wonder how he could appear as the first throughout s7, though... or how Willow could NOT know that which is revealed in the first four pages of #4... but I've promised to stop whining about it until I get to read all of #4, so... shutting up now.

Posted by: Barb (rahirah)
Posted at: 17th May 2007 15:01 (UTC)

Well, did Warren live, or has he just been resurrected? Apparently if you die a mystical death, it takes the equivalent of ten cents and a bag of sacrificial Cheetos to get you back these days. If he's been resurrected, that explains how the First could take his shape.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 15:16 (UTC)

I'm happy to go with "someone who walks around with no skin is not 'alive' in any normal sense of the term" - much like vampires who also walk and talk and eat and have sex, despite being technically dead.

Also, still not seeing how torturing somebody badly enough to kill any normal person, but then leaving them alive in permanent agony is somehow better than just killing them...

Posted by: Barb (rahirah)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 15:23 (UTC)

If Joss actually makes the point that Willow put Warren into a state where he's perpetually dying in agony but can never actually die (and I think you could probably interpret her 'dying is going to seem like it takes forever' line as indicating something like that, if you wanted to) and that this is at least as horrific as killing him, if not more so, then I will maintain some shred of respect for him.

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 17th May 2007 13:23 (UTC)

Now, that's harsh. In a good way.

I've got a question: how this font is called and where have you downloaded it?

(I'm leaving in a couple of hours too, and won't be back until Monday, so thanks in advance!)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 15:13 (UTC)

I can't remember the font name, I'm afraid - I can check it when I get home (I'm currently sat in a public library on Staten Island, NY...). However, it was one that came with a purchased copy of Adobe Creative Suite, not a downloaded one.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd May 2007 15:18 (UTC)

OK - the font is called Lithos Pro and as I guessed, it's actually published by Adobe Systems Inc.

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 23rd May 2007 08:14 (UTC)

Thanks for checking! I managed to find a similar font, "Slayer" on Misplaced Moments. BTW, I highly recommend to visit this place


Thanks again!

Posted by: lusciousxander (lusciousxander)
Posted at: 18th May 2007 11:21 (UTC)

LOL! I agree that Willow's done worse things than just killing Warren, but I did enjoy Warren's death. It was a creepy, awesome scene. I'm not judging the issue until I read it all.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 15:14 (UTC)

Not sure "enjoy" is the word I'd use, but it was certainly powerful...

(Also, as a side issue as I type this, why do American computers have a @ where a " should be?)

Posted by: lusciousxander (lusciousxander)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 16:25 (UTC)
Always Best Friends by mysteryof

I enjoyed it because it's powerful. :) As for the computer thing, I'm not really sure.

Posted by: kitmarlowescot2 (kitmarlowescot2)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 02:08 (UTC)

Dude, love the icon, okay if I take it ?

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 19th May 2007 15:13 (UTC)

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