StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

The History of Middle-earth (chibi version) - Part 110: Many-pillared halls

Apologies for the slightly silly tone to today's cartoon. :) The majority of the references, as before, are to Gimli's song about Durin in LotR.

It is actually canon (from HoME) that Khazad-dum was founded by volunteers from the other six Dwarf-clans, since Durin 'woke and walked alone'. :)

Part 110: Many-pillared halls

Next time: Part 111: The thousand caves

Chibis by
Original story by and copyright to J R R Tolkien, ed. C Tolkien: Primarily based on the Silmarillion, but incorporating ideas from the 12-volume History of Middle Earth series.
Questions and comments welcome!
Tags: art, homecv, lotr, silmarillion, tolkien
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