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The History of Middle-earth (chibi version) - Part 113: Changing places

So, we leave the Sindar for a while and go back to see what the other Elves are doing over in Valinor. Today's cartoon picks up the plot as we left it in #100; Míriel is pregnant, the Noldor and Vanyar are living in the city of Tirion, and the Teleri are living on an island anchored in the Bay of Eldamar within sight of Valinor.

Apologies for the bad pun. :)

Part 113: Changing places

Next time: Part 114: An odd use for swans

Chibis by
Original story by and copyright to J R R Tolkien, ed. C Tolkien: Primarily based on the Silmarillion, but incorporating ideas from the 12-volume History of Middle Earth series.
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Tags: art, homecv, lotr, silmarillion, tolkien
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