StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

Sumeria 4500BC: the first religion

 Ten hours ago I didn't even know what a drabble was. Now I've written's a spin-off from my last entry, about the origin of the Slayers. This was a side-thought I had, which I eventually cut out of the other post because it was getting far too long. 

Alulim of Eridu is the greatest of men. His bloodline is divine, and his ancestors are mighty.

In the shadows beneath the great temple that towers over the mud-brick houses, Alulim calls on his father's spirit. And the ghostly shade appears, whispering secrets of power: names of traitors, ugly scandals to discredit his enemies. Alulim rejoices, and his power grows.

He gives thanks to his father's spirit. The stench of corpses fills the tomb; slaves strangled before the altar as thanks-offerings. He hopes his father will be pleased.

He needn't worry. That noncorporeal entity is very pleased with Alulim's progress...

Tags: buffy, fic
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