September 28th, 2006


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Something I've been thinking about doing for a while is writing some 'sleeve notes' for my vids, explaining the thought processes that went into each one. And perhaps mentioning some of the things I'd do differently if I re-did them, or things that I don't think worked as well on screen as they did in my mind beforehand (isn't that always the way?). 

Perhaps first a quick word about how I got into this in the first place... Up until just over a year ago, I didn't have the faintest idea such an concept even existed. A friend on RPGNet posted a link to one, and I was just blown away by its wonderfulness. As far as I can remember, it was sdwolfpup's La Résistance!, so now you know who to blame for my own efforts...
Anyway, I spent several weeks eagerly downloading everything I could find, and all the time this little voice in my mind was saying "I want to do this too!" So after much struggling with strange software and tearing out of non-too-plentiful-anyway hair, I began work on my first vid: When Did The Light Die?.


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