August 23rd, 2010


(Meme) Stump the author

Since Emmie is awfully persuasive:

1.) Go to my fic lists and pick out a line or two from one of my stories. (Must be a full line, please -- no sentence fragments or speech tags or other such nonsense.)  Fic List 2006-08  Fic List 2009 -10

2.) I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from.

3.) If you do stump me, I might possibly be able to provide a drabble. Maybe. No promises. I haven't written a drabble in well over a year. Feel free to post a prompt, but I really wouldn't hold your breath. Sorry. :-) On the other hand, if you stump me I do hereby give thee licence to mock me...



*shuffles feet, looks down at floor, clears throat*

Would anyone be willing to read through a story of mine before I post it? I should warn you, it's NC17 rated and kind of pervy and PWPlike. (Because, you know, it's been months since I wrote anything like that, and I thought it was time I got back into practice *g*)  3133 words. More details (slightly spoilery) under the cut.

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On a related note (same story) would a house such as Buffy's in Sunnydale have air conditioning in the bedrooms? Part of the set-up is that it's an uncomfortably hot night, and I don't know whether it can stand as it is, or if I should insert a line into the opening paragraph noting that the aircon is broken and Buffy can't afford to have it fixed yet...