June 9th, 2014


(Fic) A matter of perspective - Chapter 3 of 3

Final chapter! This is in lieu of Monday's cartoon; normal service will be resumed on Thursday. Though to be honest, the next two 'History of Middle-earth - Chibi Version' cartoons will be re-telling the story of this fic in 800 x 600 cute chibi form anyway. I actually drew the cartoons first, and then decided to write the fic, if you're interested.

In this chapter Nerdanel meets a tall, dark stranger...


A matter of perspective by stormwreath - Chapter 3

Fandom: The Silmarillion (Tolkien/Middle-earth)
Characters: Nerdanel and three OFCs; plus Fëanor might turn up later on.
Wordcount: 10,839 in three chapters.
Rated: General
Warnings: None
Apologies: To Filippo Brunelleschi, for stealing his idea and giving it to Fëanor and Nerdanel.
Summary: What happens when her best friend drags a young Elven sculptress to a party she's really not sure she wants to attend...

Link to chapter 1
Link to chapter 2

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