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StephenT [userpic]

The History of Middle-earth (chibi version) - Part 267 - Battle under stars

4th February 2016 (13:35)

So I wonder if the Noldor really did have eyes that glowed with light, or if it's a metaphor?

For scenes like this, I imagine how ridiculously overpowered Legolas was in the Peter Jackson movies' battle scenes; then picture an entire army of elves who are even more over the top badasses...

    Part 267 Battle under stars

    Next time: Part 268: Hot pursuit

    Chibis by the now-dead website formerly known as tektek.org
    Original story by and copyright to J R R Tolkien, ed. C Tolkien: Primarily based on the Silmarillion, but incorporating ideas from the 12-volume History of Middle Earth series.
    Questions and comments welcome!

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