June 2nd, 2016


(Fic) Stars

I'm still alive! And to get back into the habit of posting after a six-week absence, here's a short story I've had sitting on my disk for a while,almost-finished.

It's a sequel to Rite of Passage , in the same continuity as Tying the Knot and A Matter of Perspective. It features Lissiel, the chief handmaiden of Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Nerdanel. The exact moment the story begins is just after Lissiel has finished having a major agument with the palace cook, the day before Nerdanel's marriage to Fëanor; but the bulk of the story is a flashback to Lissiel's training with the Valar. (As detailed in 'Rite of Passage').

Title: Stars
Fandom: Silmarillion
Rating: General
Characters: Lissiel (OFC), Ilmarë, Varda
Wordcount: 4610

Author's notes will be added in a comment

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