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(Fic) That Other Kiss

This is a prequel to 'That Kiss', inspired by an aside in the first story and the comment in response by beer_good_foamy : "So where's the fic of Buffy and Willow getting drunk on July 4th and making out under the fireworks?" 

It's here. 

Except that given the likely timescale of such a situation, I was struggling to work out exactly how Tara would fit into the scenario - until I decided to take the obvious approach. :-)

Characters: Willow/Tara/Buffy
Timing: The evening of 4 July 2000, between the end of season 4 and start of season 5, after Anya's birthday party. (Buffy and Willow+Tara stayed at the party long enough to not hurt Xander's feelings, then slipped out.)
Rating: 15 - probably R by the US system. If you can't work it out from the premise, title and character listing, I'd better warn you that there may be a few vaguely femslashy elements in this story. ;-)
Silliness and fluffiness rating: High.
Word count: 1337

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A/N: I don't think Buffy would normally be quite so clueless about certain things. But she's not exactly on her top form here, for reasons which will hopefully be clear...
A/N2: The fact that Willow considers an invocation of the god Dionysus to be just a handy way of getting more booze is perhaps an early sign of a worrying tendency, though at this stage Tara's still impressed and awed rather than concerned...

Note: this fic now has a sequel, For A Few Kisses More, that starts about 20 minutes after this one ends.

That Other Kiss

Buffy was really happy. Really really seriously very happy indeed. There'd been a bit of minor demon slayage earlier that day, which always helped her relax; but there were no - count them, none - big looming evils to worry about right now. And Riley had called from DC to say the enquiry thingy was finally over and he'd be home before the end of the week. So here she was: lying down on the grass - which seemed like a good idea because her legs didn't appear to be working too well at present - and watching the pretty firework display.

And Willow, who was her bestest dearest friend in the whole wide world, was lying next to her with a half-empty bottle of tequila, which Buffy had just decided was her favouritest most yummy drink in the whole wide world. Willow was explaining something about fireworks to Tara, whom Buffy didn't really know all that well. But since she was Willow's friend she had to be her bestest best friend's (er...counts under her breath...) friend in the whole wide world too! So she smiled blearily across at Tara and thought up something really intelligent and insightful and thoughtful to say to her. 

"Fireworks pretty!" 

And Tara smiled and blushed and ducked her head and glanced towards Willow for moral support, then agreed with her that the fireworks were, indeed, pretty. Which made Buffy happy. Happier. Because obviously Tara was a kindred soul - even though Buffy honestly didn't know the first thing about her - and they were bonding. Like two bondy things. So Buffy tried to think of her best gallant and witty come-back to show just what good friends they were. 

"You're pretty too." 

Tara looked kind of stunned at that, then looked away and wouldn't meet her eyes. Which made Buffy sad, because obviously Tara wasn't used to getting compliments and that made Buffy feel all hurty inside on her behalf. But Willow seemed to perk up all of a sudden, and she shot Buffy a Look. Or at least she tried to: it was as if her friend's eyes were having some trouble focussing. Which made Buffy feel a little smug and superior, because Willow was clearly drunk - whereas Buffy was the Slayer and had superhuman stamina and so could hold her alcohol and wasn't drunk at all. Really. 

Well, she had to be honest with herself. Maybe she was just a little tipsy. 

"Hey Buff, you trying to make me jealous here?" 

What? No! She didn't want to upset Willow, because Willow was her lovely friend and she loved her. So she told her just that. And she didn't want Willow to feel jealous over what she'd said to Tara, so she told Willow she was pretty too. Which made Willow blush and get all stammery and say that's not really what she'd meant. That got Buffy worried she wasn't getting her message across about what a good friend Willow was, so she leaned over and planted a big wet sloppy kiss somewhere in the general vicinity of Willow's lips. 

Willow went all rigid then, and when Buffy pulled away her eyes and mouth formed three perfect 'O's. Plus Buffy found herself wondering, àpropos of nothing, why Willow would be feeling so cold all of a sudden on such a warm summer evening. But then Willow shot a desperate, panicked look towards Tara, and Buffy realised, muzzily, that maybe she'd just done something wrong. So she rolled back hastily away from Willow - and suddenly realised she was feeling all wet below the waist. Which puzzled her a second, until with a wail of horrified misery she saw the upturned and empty tequila bottle lying there caught between them. Willow looked equally upset at the sight (although perhaps just a smidge relieved at the distraction) and jumped up with a cry of "I'll get some more!" 

Or at least Buffy guessed that's what her friend intended to do - what she actually did was say "Arrlgessumor!", push herself halfway up, then collapse in a giggling heap back on the grass (and also, coincidentally, sprawled partly across Buffy as well). Tara looked at the two of them blankly for a moment, then started to struggle to her feet with a muttered "M-m-maybe I should g-go..." 

Willow looked surprised and a little hurt for a moment, then grinned wickedly and reached across to pull Tara down into the middle of the wriggly Buffy-Willow heap. " 'Ve got better plan. We should try that spell, y'know...?" Buffy couldn't see Tara's reaction from her angle, though she was acutely conscious of the girl's warm, slightly alcohol-laden breath on the side of her face as she said "You mean the invocation of Dionysus? Now? W-won't Buffy mind?" 

"If this Dio-whatsit spell brings more tequila Buffy won't mind at all!" she said, then added plaintively "I mind more that my pants are all wet. Can't you use some magic to dry them for me?" 

"S-sorry." Tara wiggled around to face her, which felt distracting and confusing and kind of nice; and Buffy was quite surprised to see that Willow's supposedly shy, quiet girlfriend had what could only be described as a sly grin on her face. "We're not supposed to use m-magic for trivial things, so perhaps you'd b-better just take them off instead?" 

Buffy felt herself blushing, and though she didn't know why she suddenly shivered with that odd sort of quivery rush like the last time she faced off against six vamps with only Mr Pointy to defend herself. But the important thing was that all her friends were happy and she was too, and this spell of Willow's sounded like a really good idea, because obviously getting more to drink wasn't a trivial thing - even Tara agreed with that! And so it didn't matter that she was all buzzy and wet - with spilled tequila, dammit! - and that Will and Tara were giggling and kissing each other - which reminded Buffy that it wasn't fair for her to have only kissed Willow, so perhaps she should do it to Tara too, to be equal. And after she had, Willow looked at them both, and kind of bit her lower lip, then leaned over very deliberately and kissed Buffy herself. For a long, slow time. And her hands were smaller than Buffy was used to, which felt kind of surprising, but they knew exactly where to go and what to do, so when Willow came up for air and started to pull away, Buffy pushed against her so the touching wouldn't ever stop. But then Tara grabbed one of Willow's hands with a rather proprietorial air - although she left the other where it was - and took one of Buffy's in her free hand, and smiled at them both. 

"Let's make magic." 

The following morning, all three of our heroines mutually agreed never to talk about this evening ever again. Buffy was mortified at how oblivious she'd been, and how she could easily have wrecked Willow and Tara's relationship by coming on to each of them in front of the other. (Oddly, the effect on her relationship with Riley never crossed her mind. That might have disturbed her, if she'd ever actually thought about it.) The gay thing in itself didn't really bother her too much; she just chalked it up to excess of tequila and lack of recent boyfriendage. Willow, on the other hand, was terrified that it would bother Buffy a great deal, and that she'd ruined their friendship forever by introducing - or rather, revealing - a sexual element. Denying that the whole thing ever happened seemed like the best plan. As for Tara, once she was reassured that Willow wasn't about to leave her for Buffy she'd actually had a wonderful time - but there was no way on the Goddess's green earth that she'd say so out loud. At least, not until the next opportunity...

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