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StephenT [userpic]

Random silliness

11th December 2015 (01:21)

So on a forum elsewhere on the internet, someone asked for "A Delacroix verson of the Flight of the Noldor". So here we go:

Mind you, you'd think Finrod would warn his sister that she's had a wardrobe malfunction...

Link to the original painting


Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 12th December 2015 14:59 (UTC)

Thanks! I didn't know it was a meme?

Searching Google Image search, was it this picture you saw before?

Posted by: hhimring (hhimring)
Posted at: 12th December 2015 19:38 (UTC)

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the one. If that's all you found, I suppose technically perhaps it isn't a meme, then. But I'd be surprised if the request was an entire coincidence.
They declared a day in celebration of the Flight of the Noldor on Tumblr, some time ago--I forget which date it was and what exactly they called it--and this picture was re-blogged a great many times. Most of the Tumblrites who re-blogged seemed to have stronger pro-Feanorian sympathies than I gather you do.
Readers' reactions to the different aspects of Feanor's speech in Tirion vary quite a lot, of course.

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