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StephenT [userpic]

The History of Middle-earth (chibi version) - Part 268 - Hot pursuit

15th February 2016 (22:19)

So, sorry about last week's lack of cartoons. We're back now (though possibly one of our characters' won't be back for much longer...)

Fëanor is misquoting General Woundwort here.

    Part 268 Battle under stars

    Next time: Part 269: Last stand

    Chibis by the now-dead website formerly known as tektek.org
    Original story by and copyright to J R R Tolkien, ed. C Tolkien: Primarily based on the Silmarillion, but incorporating ideas from the 12-volume History of Middle Earth series.
    Questions and comments welcome!


    Posted by: erimthar (erimthar)
    Posted at: 16th February 2016 15:01 (UTC)

    "Fly, you fools!"

    And the rest of the Noldor escaped to Watership Down, where they lived happily until the last of them were shot by Baron Lloyd-Webber's gardener.

    Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
    Posted at: 17th February 2016 01:51 (UTC)

    Elves and rabbits both have long, pointy ears. Coincidence? You decide.

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