StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(fic) Product Placement

Is this the future of fanfic on Livejournal?

398 words, Willow and Dawn, early season 6, rating 12 (PG-13). No payment was received for writing this story.

Product Placement

Willow took a sip of her Pepsi Max and turned the next page in the tome she was reading. It was heavy going; thank goodness her drink contained extra caffeine and revitalising herbs to keep her energy level high!

She noted with interest that the spell she was researching needed ginseng as one of its components. Perhaps she could incorporate another can of Pepsi Max into her magic, because the drink was packed full of that healthy life-giving Chinese plant! But no, it would be a shame to waste it like that instead of drinking it... she took another sip and licked her lips appreciatively.

Her pleasurable thoughts were interrupted by the bang of the front door as Dawn announced her return in her usual hyperactive way.

"Hi, sweetie. Good day at school?"

"Ugh. Total drag. Got any more of that Pepsi Max? I need a pick-me up."

"Sure. The fridge is full of it. Only one can, though - remember your sister doesn't like you having too much. Pepsi Max is a grown-up drink; its powerful blend of caffeine and herbs is too much for kids to handle!"

"I'm not a kid. I'm 15!" Dawn stomped over to the refrigerator, and cracked open a can. "Aah. Pepsi Max is so refreshing. Hey, Will, you're not using your laptop at the moment, are you?"

"No. Why? You need it for homework?"

"Umm... sort of. It's art. An art project."


Dawn huffed. "Well, if you don't believe me..."

"Dawnie, there's a few things I need to teach you about computer security. Like, always clear your previously-opened files log, y'know? If Buffy saw some of the things you've been drawing, she'd freak."

"You, um, you've seen them?" Dawn turned scarlet. "I tried to hide them..."

"Hey, I'm me, remember? Computers hold no secrets. Gotta say Daniel Radcliffe doesn't really do it for me, but there was one picture... y'know, that one with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the 20 oz bottle of Pepsi Max? That was hot."

Dawn giggled. "You should totally buy a bottle yourself and then call Tara. I mean, with the delicious Pepsi Max in such an, um, interestingly large bottle, you could have all sorts of fun. And then drink the Pepsi Max afterwards."

"Dawnie!" Willow looked mildly shocked, then grinned hugely.
"Will you be okay on your own while I go to the 7-11?"

Tags: buffy, fic
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