StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(fic) Netherlands to Nepal Part 2

The second part of this story. Don't read it if you're squicked by explicit femslash, relationships between people of radically different size, use of medical terminology to describe body parts... in fact, you'd probably better just not read it at all. We'll all be happier.

Rating 18R.

Netherlands to Nepal, part 2

In the end, they decided to go to the mountain tarn which Dawn used as a bathroom. (Well, as a bath. Willow carefully hadn't asked for any more details, but Dawn had waved vaguely downwind and said "Abandoned quarry, big pile of earth, car hood used as a shovel, and can we change me back to normal size really quickly now please?") It was unlikely they'd be disturbed there, but Willow had set up a mild glamour to divert the eyes and ears of anyone who might chance to pass.

And then Dawn had started to undress, but come over all shy and embarrassed halfway through. Something Willow didn't blame her for in the slightest, feeling in a similar way herself.. although, she was forced to admit, there was also this huge burning curiosity kindling inside her. Seriously, as unique experiences go, this would be one of a kind. (She replayed that thought in her brain a couple of times, then shrugged.) She really wanted to find out what this was going to be like. In a spirit of pure scientific enquiry, of course.

Then she had an idea. This was magic, right? They were counter-casting a spell. It was a ritual, and everybody knew that for some Wicca ceremonies you had to be skyclad. She explained this new perspective to Dawn, and began taking her own clothes off in a formal, ritualistic way. Dawn followed suit, her shyness overcome by the familiar (and exciting) lure of helping Willow with her magic.

Of course, once Dawn stood there in all her naked wonderfulness, pale body glowing in the cool light of an autumn afternoon, Willow suddenly found it rather hard to retain her own detachment. She clamped her thighs together, tried to think calm thoughts about magic, as Dawn looked over and said "Should I lie down?"

"Uh - yes. Uh, I won't be able to reach otherwise without flying, and using other magic at the same time might affect the spell on you." (Think about the magic, think about spells, don't think about giant naked Dawn.)

"Okay". Dawn sat carefully down, checking for stray boulders or treestumps that might poke into her, then settled back and stretched out her legs. She reminded Willow of a fairly small, pink mountain range. One that the elements had eroded into gentle curves and hollows. "How's this?"

"Fine. Um, sweetie - "(Don't call her that! Not now! Keep your detachment!) "Dawn, are you, um, horny at the moment?"

A giggle. "Shouldn't you be able to tell that? Sort of. Nervous too."

"Well, the problem is - there's a lot I can't do that I would with a, a lover. Like kiss you. Or, um, suck your nipples - I mean, I might be able to wrap my arms around one if I stretch, but they're just a bit bigger than my mouth. And if I tried to find all your other erogenous zones, I'd be, like, running up and down your body from place to place all the time. Not sure the pitter-patter of my tiny feet would be all that sexy..."

"But you said..."

"Let me finish. I was just going to ask, could you sort of, start the ball rolling yourself? Help me out a little?"

"I though it wouldn't work if I did that?"

"Not if it's only you. But as long as I'm there at the, er, crucial moment, it'll be enough. Please, Dawnie? I mean, otherwise you're - " she grinned ironically, "- Too much woman for me to handle."

Dawn groaned and rolled her eyes. "Alright. But what will you be doing? Just watching me?"

"What? No, sweetie," protested Willow, trying to ignore the heat kindling below her belly. "I won't watch if it'll embarrass you. I'll go over there - "

"I was thinking more on the lines of you keeping me company, actually. I mean, you think you've got problems doing stuff to me: I can't do anything to you at all! Even my finger's as long as your arm!"

"Dawn, you don't have to do anything to me. We're doing this to break the spell on you, that's all."

"But it doesn't seem fair otherwise. Either way! You don't get any fun, and I don't like it if it's all me with the sex and you're just cool and remote and watching like you're not part of it..."

Willow felt a spasm of guilt. (And so she should, she reminded herself - being a Psychology major and all. Not to mention a telepath.)  So she forced a smile - and slipped her hand between her legs, which wasn't forced at all. It was something she'd been fighting not to do for the last ten minutes, in fact. She looked around until she found a nice soft grassy bank - just far enough away from Dawn that she looked like a girl instead of a cliff-face - and settled down on it.

Okay, she'd play with herself a little. Just enough to show willing, stop Dawn from feeling uncomfortable. Stay in control. Just rub herself gently, as she watched the girl who filled her entire horizon masturbate with her...

Gradually the sky stopped spinning around her, and her racing heartbeat slowed from wild gallop to gentle canter. Brushing sweat-tangled hair from her eyes she looked muzzily over at Dawn, who was grinning hugely (and looking extremely flushed herself too).

"It's nice hearing you come again."

Dawn's voice was rather hard to follow, what with the general shortage of breath thing she had going - and Willow's brain was still spinning down to its rest state - so it took a while for the meaning to percolate.

"What?! Dawn - ?"

"Oh, come on. You had the bedroom next to mine for two years, you think I couldn't hear you? It was nice, reminded me of old times."

"You're an extremely damaged and mentally scarred young woman, you know that?"

"Aren't we all? Well, except Xander, he's not a woman. Speaking of which, I've been trying to keep myself on the edge here and I think I'd like you to do your stuff now, if you're all done coming? My turn."

Willow took a deep breath, stood up, and was pleased to notice her legs could support her weight. She walked around Dawn's outstretched foot, and into the valley between her legs. She had a distinct feeling of cliffs rising around her as she walked forward - or were they the walls of a temple? Because there was the holy of holies, straight ahead. Her inner Willow rolled her eyes at that comparison - and to be honest, as she got closer the harder it was to remember that this was supposed to be a sexual experience, at least from Dawn's perspective. It was just the sheer size of things - well, the sheer size of her thing - and the way all the little secret nooks and crannies were magnified and laid out before her eyes.

In fact, she was inescapably reminded of the medical textbook her parents had bought when she was 12, because they hadn't trusted the local school board to teach human reproductive biology in a fair and balanced fashion. Specifically, the double-page labelled diagram of the female genitalia which she'd studied with fascination, some confusion, and a mirror. (The similar page on males had mostly caused her to giggle). And now, here was the drawing brought to life and movement, all pink and quivery and glistening. She found herself mentally cataloguing the parts - "Those are the labia minora - ooh! that's the urethral opening!" - until she firmly reminded herself she was a woman with a mission here. Time for resolve face, not biology revision.

So, here she goes. Tentatively she reached up and touched Dawn, then asked "Did you feel that?"

"Uh, not really."

Try again. This time she grabbed one of Dawn's lips, tugged it. "How about now?"

"Ooh. Felt that, but only just. Can't you pull harder?"

So Willow put her whole weight behind her pull, and yanked down. That got a better (non-verbal) response from Dawn, but Willow sighed. This wasn't getting very far. Time to go to the source.

If she could reach it, of course. Damn these no-fly zone rules she'd had to impose on herself. Time to climb. So she grabbed one of Dawn's labia in each hand and hoisted herself up, scrabbling for purchase on the wet and slippery slope until she found a precarious foothold. Then realised that she'd just stuck her foot into Dawn's vagina. "This is surreal," she thought - but at least from the sound of things, its owner wasn't complaining.

Also, this brought her head level with Dawn's clitoris, which was appropriate since it was about the size of her head. She hesitated for a moment, then leaned over, put out her tongue and quickly licked it. Which would certainly have no effect on Dawn - she wouldn't even notice it - but it was a symbolic sort of thing. Gotta do this properly. Then, gingerly balancing herself (and sticking her other foot in beside the first for better leverage) she grasped it in both hands and tried kneading it. Dawn moaned, and quivered gently - which from Willow's perspective felt like a minor earthquake. She felt her feet sliding under her, grabbed wildly for support, missed, and slid down to the ground with a wet squlutch sound, the entire front of her body soaked and glistening. It was lucky she was naked, really.

A new planet loomed in the sky overhead - Dawn had sat up, and was looking down at her in concern. "This isn't working, is it?"

"We'll manage somehow, sweetie." She looked at Dawn, considered, then thought back to a long, giggly conversation she'd had with Tara one time. (She could do that now. There was still sadness, but time's healing had made it bittersweet instead of physically painful). They'd been experimenting with how many fingers they could fit inside. Willow's limit had been two before she felt it was too much, but Tara had enjoyed three and even briefly managed four. Willow looked at her hand now, quirked a smile, clenched her fist, and plunged the whole thing deep inside Dawn. Who squealed, but it was a good sort of squeal. This might work.

Willow pushed further, past the wrist, past the elbow, until she was armpit-deep. Her body was plastered against Dawn's crotch, her cheek pressed against pink flesh as she thrust deep; and Dawn gasped and moaned - and bucked her hips wildly. Willow felt her arm slip free as she was flung bodily through the air, to land on the grass behind her with an oof! that knocked the wind from her lungs.

Dawn was instantly contrite, apologies flowing like a river, near to tears as she frantically asked if Willow was OK. Shaken but determined to present a brave face, Willow told her to lie back down. "It's a good sign, sweetie. Shows you're enjoying it. Relax! I'm not hurt. I just need to hold on more tightly."

"Do you want me to hold you in place?"

"Sounds like a plan. Gently, though!"

And so this time Willow felt two of Dawn's fingers pressing into her back as she dove in once more, wriggling her arm around until she found the spots that made Dawn gasp and moan and shake, passion building until she cried out and arched her back and Willow felt her muscles clamp tightly around her arm. Again. And again, even tighter.

"Let me go! Quick!"

She urgently pulled her arm free and staggered back as Dawn seemed to collapse in on herself, shrinking and folding and condensing until with a pop of inrushing air she was lying there on the grass. Person-sized.

She looked around in bewilderment, then saw Willow's beaming smile of triumph and met it with one of her own. And then there were tears and laughter and hugs, and embarrassment and getting dressed and then more hugs, and a stern lecture from Willow on the dangers of unsafe sex which Dawn accepted meekly, and then some anxious discussion on exactly what to tell Buffy. Willow worried that lying was not exactly her strong point, but Dawn just shrugged. "Tell her I had to be naked for the ritual. It's true, and she'll be so embarrassed she won't want to ask for any more details. She won't question why you're embarrassed, either."

And then they set out for home, with Dawn making an excited list of all the things she planned to do. By the time they reached the castle, 'have a hot shower' had narrowly edged out 'pig out on chocolate and ice-cream', with 'lie down in a real bed' running a distant third.  But all those were forgotten when she heard Willow's suggestion.

"Why not 'use a phone'? Call Kenny and tell him he's well and truly dumped..."

If you've not worked it out, the title is a play on the expression 'May to December'

Tags: buffy, fic, season 8
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