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The dead rise!

Back in January, I started writing Hiywan's Story, an account of the life of the First Slayer (back when she was still a person) and an origin story for the Slayer line. I wrote four chapters, but then it was March and the new Season 8 comics started coming out, and my muse got kinda distracted.

But recently, I've had two different people making pointed comments about picking the story up again, and as a result I've gone ahead and written two more chapters. I'll post them shortly; but it occurred to me that with the long gap, a lot of people will have forgotten what happened in the earlier chapters. For that matter, at least half my flist only came along after I started writing, so might not have looked at the story at all. For that reason, I thought it would be an idea to post a character list and glossary - behind the cut, since it's slightly spoilery if you haven't read the first four chapters - and also point you to my links list over on the right of my journal, where "Hiywan's Story (WIP)" will take you to the part of the story already written. --->

It is a WIP - in fact, a WI-veryslow-P - so avoid if you don't read unfinished stories. :-)

Hiywan's Story

The Place: The Great Valley that cuts through the Wide World. (Actually, it's the Great Rift Valley in northern Kenya in Africa, but obviously our protagonists are unfamiliar with the modern names and concepts.)

The Time: about 10,000 years ago, in the Middle Stone Age.

The People:

Hiywan, protagonist and narrator of our story. In future ages she would be known as Sineya, the First Slayer; in this place and time, she is Hiywan of the Five Trees Clan. At the start of chapter 5 she is in her early teens.

Hiywan's family

Hiywan's Mother and Father, who love their daughter but sometimes find her baffling and a source of endless worry.
Biftu, Hiywan's younger sister, killed by nightwalkers when Hiywan was 8. Hiywan never told anyone that Biftu tried to come back for her three nights after her death.
Haset, Hiywan's youngest sister, born after Biftu's death. Hiywan suffers from a bad case of sibling jealousy regarding her.
Esyete, Hiywan's cousin and best friend, born the same year as her.
Samwarit, Esyete's mother and Hiywan's aunt. (Two sisters of the Five Trees Clan - Samwarit and Hiywan's mother - married two brothers of the Red Earth clan.)

Authority figures

Grandmother Heran, oldest member of the Five Trees Clan and guardian of its ancient lore. For her age she is still remarkably skilled with a spear.
Belaye, chieftain of the Five Trees. A firm believer in the clan's laws and traditions.
Ariam, wife of Belaye, leader of the clan's women and keeper of its sacred flame.

Other members of the Five Trees Clan

Assefa, Melesse, Tilahun: boys of the clan, roughly the same age as Hiywan.
Fekadu, a hunter who gave Hiywan her first lesson in killing, skinning and gutting deer.
Kassa, a hunter, slain by a monstrous buffalo which was then killed by Hiywan.
Radu, brother of Kassa, gave Hiywan his brother's spear in payment of the blood-debt.
Degu, another hunter.
The Five Trees Clan as a whole numbers approximately 40 adults and about the same number of children.

Gods and spirits

Tiruneh the Great Good One, the Great Spirit and creator of the world.
Tsehay the Burning Warrior, son of Tiruneh and husband of Serkalem, patron spirit of men, fire and death. The Sun.
Serkalem the Always-Living, daughter of Tiruneh and wife of Tsehay, patron spirit of women, water and life. The Earth.
Teferi Qasafi, a spirit of absolute destruction, feared even by the gods.
Adamu, legendary founder of the Five Trees Clan, who captured Tsehay's fire in a clay jar.


I've worked out a fairly detailed background for the story, including the way of life of Hiywan's clan, their laws and customs, and so on. However, because it's written from Hiywan's perspective and she was only a child in the opening chapters, a lot of this detail is only mentioned in passing or taken for granted. If you have any questions about any of it, please ask. (Or if you're a qualified historical anthropologist and want to suggest ways to make the background more accurate, please do. :-) Although I reserve the right to let magical and narrative necessity triumph over historical accuracy for the sake of the story.)

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