StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(fic) Slumming

A very quick drabble inspired by this exchange in 8.07 'No Future For You' Part 2, and Giles' conviction that Faith was "born for this mission":
FAITH: Dad may as well be a ghost and Mum is a filthy drunk.
GIGI: You sure we're not sisters?
FAITH: Who knows? Maybe in a different--

Boston, Massachusetts, 30 March 1980

"Hi, darling. Are you - hey! Get your hands off me, you -"

"All right, Johnson. Leave the woman be. In fact - why don't you take the rest of the evening off?"

"You sure, sir? His Grace would be upset if..."

"Nothing will happen. Well, nothing Father needs to hear about, if you catch my drift? Thank you. Now, my dear, let me buy you another of those."

"Proper gentleman, aintcha?"

"I am, in fact, Sir Henry Savidge. So indeed, yes, I am. What's your name, my dear?"

" Uh, Bridget Lehane. Say, you wanna go somewhere less crowded?"

Tags: buffy, fic, season 8
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