StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Fic) But then again, too few to mention

An A:atf birthday drabble for elisi ...

But then again, too few to mention

There were no stars here. The sky was always covered in sullen black smoke, lit from underneath by the crimson glow of fires. A smaller light flared, and the golden coal of a cigarette glowed brightly.

"It'd be her birthday, today. Back in the world."

There was no need for either of them to ask whom he meant.

“Do you regret your choice?”

“Well, yeah. Obviously. Spending eternity in Hell with you wasn’t exactly first on my to-do list. But you know what? I’d still do it all again.”

“You always were pretty dumb.”

“Had a good teacher, didn’t I?”
Tags: buffy, fic
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