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StephenT [userpic]

Alyson Hannigan's views on Season 8

13th November 2007 (19:20)

This amused me: it looks like Aly doesn't recognise who the characters are supposed to be from the artwork either. :-) This is from an interview in iF Magazine linked through Whedonesque:

Have you seen the BUFFY Season Eight comics?
"My friend Tom Lenk [Andrew on 'Buffy'] has brought them to my house, so I have flipped through them, but I haven’t sat down and read them yet. I’m saving that for a nice Sunday day."
How do you feel about learning about Willow’s further adventures from comics?
"I’m a little nervous, probably. You know, when I first went through them with Tom, I was like, ‘Well, who’s that?’ He hadn’t read them all either, and he said, ‘I think that’s you.’ I said, ‘Why am I so big? That’s not me, that’s Dawn! She’s a giant. I don’t know what’s going on.’ Joss had emailed me months and months before they ever came out, and he had emailed me the one where I was on the cover, or Willow was on the cover, and I was, ‘Wow, that’s a really cool drawing – I have no idea who that is or where he’s going, but awesome!’ And then I talked to him, and he said, ‘That’s Willow.’ I’m like, ‘Awesome! She’s done very good things to her body in the last year." [laughs]


Posted by: M (spankulert)
Posted at: 13th November 2007 20:36 (UTC)
buffy chicken wrap

I think the face has a great likeness, and to be fair, black nailpolish really shouldn't throw off someone who's character had a 'fullblown black eyes, black hair and covered in veins' thing going.

What really amuses me is that Tom Lenk was the one that brought it over. Really imagening him geeking out over the comic. Man, he should have had a spinoff all to himself, he's so funny.

...oh, and now my chicken wrap is aaaall over your post. Mwahahahaaa!
I mock you with my chicken wrap!

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 14th November 2007 01:01 (UTC)

Y'know, I can ban people from my LJ if I want to. I've not done it yet, but I might soon be tempted to.

Very tempted...

(Not only for your putrid and foul icon, but because you apparently think Andrew is funny. That's heresy.)

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