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StephenT [userpic]

Alyson Hannigan's views on Season 8

13th November 2007 (19:20)

This amused me: it looks like Aly doesn't recognise who the characters are supposed to be from the artwork either. :-) This is from an interview in iF Magazine linked through Whedonesque:

Have you seen the BUFFY Season Eight comics?
"My friend Tom Lenk [Andrew on 'Buffy'] has brought them to my house, so I have flipped through them, but I haven’t sat down and read them yet. I’m saving that for a nice Sunday day."
How do you feel about learning about Willow’s further adventures from comics?
"I’m a little nervous, probably. You know, when I first went through them with Tom, I was like, ‘Well, who’s that?’ He hadn’t read them all either, and he said, ‘I think that’s you.’ I said, ‘Why am I so big? That’s not me, that’s Dawn! She’s a giant. I don’t know what’s going on.’ Joss had emailed me months and months before they ever came out, and he had emailed me the one where I was on the cover, or Willow was on the cover, and I was, ‘Wow, that’s a really cool drawing – I have no idea who that is or where he’s going, but awesome!’ And then I talked to him, and he said, ‘That’s Willow.’ I’m like, ‘Awesome! She’s done very good things to her body in the last year." [laughs]


Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 14th November 2007 01:16 (UTC)

There should be an icon of Alyson looking at Willow saying "I don't know who that is"...

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 14th November 2007 23:48 (UTC)

I thought so too:

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