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(Vid) Season 8 opening credits

I know I'm not the first to do this... but I wanted to do it differently. :-)

Here's my version of the opening credits sequence for the Season 8 comics...
Spoilers through issue 8.08.

Right-click and save (WMV, 23.2 MB)

Plus, I've succumbed to temptation and set up a YouTube account: 

Director's Commentary

This isn't the first adaptation of the Buffy credits I've created - the first was Faith the Vampire Slayer back in February. So I already had the music, knew which fonts to use for the actors' credits, and so forth, making this fairly easy to put together. The longest task was Photoshopping out all the speech bubbles from the images... My main aim was to ensure a constant sense of movement, making this seem more like a vid and less like a slide show. Obvously that meant using pan and zoom on each image, either following the natural movement of the picture or focussing in or out on a significant detail.

I used the Season 7 credits as a base - although I doubt that anyone could really tell unless they're very familiar with them :-) The clips of the actors are the same length, and I tried to match the general theme of each clip (action shot, talking shot, face close-up). This was mostly important for the two beats where there's a 'whoosh' sound on the soundtrack, which I linked to Buffywillow's magically enhanced punch and Trafalgar's magic hammer respectively.

The featured actors are Sarah, Nicholas, Eliza (taking the place of Emma), Tony (taking the place of James) and Alyson. I kept Aly as the last in the sequence (with the "And... as..." credit) because I was basing this on season 7, and because from what we've seen so far Willow has much more screentime (pagetime?) than Giles in Season 8. (Also, I suspect AH is a bigger boxoffice draw than ASH now, unlike the situation when Buffy first began).

I did consider including Satsu and Renee in the credits, but I wasn't sure which actress would play them. Any suggestions? Do they look like anyone famous?

One last note... you'll notice that the final clip of the credits sticks with tradition, in that it's a picture of a fake!Buffy standing there looking defiant. :-) In season 7 the final clip was The First, in season 6 it was the Buffybot. Here, she's the Buffy double from issue 5...) 
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