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StephenT [userpic]

(meta) Casting Satsu

18th November 2007 (00:35)

ETA - Two new suggestions from the comments added into the pictures section!

Here's a question that was inspired by the discussion on my previous post - if Season 8 were ever made into a TV show, which actress should play Satsu? Or to put it another way, which real person does the comic character most resemble? (The answer may well inspire vids and/or photomanips in the future. :-) )

Thanks to beer_good_foamyand  idiotnighthawk  for the three suggestions so far. More are always welcome!

Poll #1090465 Casting Satsu

Who should play Satsu

Devon Aoki
Ito Misaki
Nakama Yukie
Somebody else; I'll tell you in the comments

Since I'm not very familiar with the appearances of 95% of modern actors, including these three, I had to search for images of the suggestions so I could know what they looked like... I've iconised them and put them below the cut in case any of you need the same assistance. :-)


Devon Aoki:

Ito Misaki:

Nakama Yukie:

Kuriyama Chiaki:

Hamasaki Ayumi:


Posted by: gal8028 (gal8028)
Posted at: 24th October 2010 06:32 (UTC)
buffy vampires

hi--i friended you today (Oct 24, 2010) because of this entry and a few others you've made about Buffy Season 8. i'm in love with those comics and have been a Buffy fan for over a decade. it seemed every time i googled something about season 8, an entry of yours would pop up, so i thought i'd friend you.

oh, and while it is years late, i am in love with Maggie Q on Nikita. while i dont think she'd make a good Satsu, she does have the kick-butt attitude and confidence down. plus, she seems like a strong enough actress to go toe-to-toe with Buffy.

♥ Ash / gal8028

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 24th October 2010 14:00 (UTC)

Hi! Nice to see a new friend. :-)

(Coincidentally, last week I was looking at Google Analytics to see how people found my LJ, and seaching for S8 stuff was the primary reason. That and the DVD commentary transcripts I've occasionally done.)

Posted by: gal8028 (gal8028)
Posted at: 1st November 2010 06:31 (UTC)
buffy vampires

i've never thought about investigating my journal's traffic before, but now i'm totally curious. it's cool that Google can help one with that.

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