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A couple of thoughts on season 8 so far

First, a lot of people have complained that the artwork makes the characters look like children. It's not something I've particularly noticed: their bodies are adult enough, and I'm not sure what else you'd do to the faces: add lots of wrinkles and sag lines? They're 24, not 64. :-) However, the new episode did include one picture of Faith that really did make her look about 12 - and after some study, I've decided why I thought so. 

Compare and contrast:

It's one of those trivia things you pick up, that the average adult human body is roughly seven head-heights tall; maybe a bit less. As you see, that's certainly true for Eliza Dushku (on the left). In the drawing, however, Faith's head is about 18% larger than Eliza's proportionate to the rest of her body. That immediately makes her look child-like, because children's heads are much bigger proportionate to their bodies: a baby's head accounts for 25% of its body length as opposed to 14% in an adult.

The fact that Jeanty actually drew Faith with a much narrower waist and slightly larger bust than Eliza has in real life* doesn't do enough to compensate for the disporoprtionate head.

*If you happen to be reading this, Eliza, I'm sorry for mentioning that: but it's true. :-)

Secondly, there's been some controversy over the quarrel between Giles and Buffy this issue, with some - such as shapinglight- wondering if there's anything we've not been told about behind it. My first reaction was that there doesn't need to be: Giles has given Buffy a perfectly good reason for feeling hurt and betrayed (rather than just angry) by not trusting her with the information about Gigi's apocalypse and going behind her back instead. He's undermining her authority, which is already weighing heavily on her shoulders as we saw from her soliloquy in 8.01, quite apart from the Faith factor.

However, on further consideration I've realised something interesting. We already know Giles is moving around a lot and frequently out of touch with headquarters. (He's in Russia in 8.02, in the US in 8.05 and 8.06, in Britain in 8.07). However, consider this:

In 8.01, Buffy is asking Xander if "the experts" have discovered anything about the Twilight symbol.
In 8.06, Buffy is again asking Xander if he has heard anything more from "our friend in the library".

It might be perfectly innocent... but it looks strangely like Buffy can't bring herself to say Giles' name. And she isn't talking to him directly, but leaving it to Xander to keep in touch with him: and doesn't even realise until Xander tells her so that Giles has been 'incommunicado for weeks'.

Sure, she's got a lot to do, and may have just delegated this one part of her job to Xander. But I'm now wondering if Joss hasn't been quietly showing us that they're not on speaking terms all along, and only now has it come out into the open...

As for why... well, it may be because of something that happened in the missing 18 months. Or it could equally be that after Spike died saving the world, all Buffy could think about was that Giles had just tried to have him killed, and their brief reconciliation when she came up with the plan to use the Scythe wasn't enough to stop their relationship souring permanently, once the immediate danger was over.
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