StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,


Some of you may remember me posting this picture back in May:

On the left is Willow from the comics edition of 'The Long Way Home #3', on the right is Alyson Hannigan.

And here's a scan of the same image from the trade paperback version of 'The Long Way Home #3', which has recently been published:

Spot anything different? :-)

The flashback scene of Willow telling Warren that she's currently in a state of boredom (in TLWH #4) has also been altered to give her black hair, instead of red... Nice to see someone at Dark Horse Comics has been paying attention to fans' criticisms... although this change does strike a blow at all those clever theories we thought up to explain Willow's new eye colour...

(Thanks to Rowan Hawthorn at atbvs for pointing this out).

Tags: buffy, season 8
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