StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) More S8 meandering

I've had a thought. Why is Buffy wearing ugly combat gear instead of her trademark expensive designer clothes? Well, maybe she feels guilty over the source of her money. While she can justify to herself buying armour that will save Slayers' lives, she can't justify spending a penny of it on her own personal wardrobe... 

It's also interesting to reassess Giles' words and actions over the 'No Future For You' arc if we assume that he disapproves of Buffy's fundraising activities:

When in #6 Giles says "For all intents and purposes, I am the Watchers Council" has he washed his hands of Buffy and her team because he knows what she's been up to? And when he tells Faith "In your generation there are nearly two thousand women with the powers of the Slayer, and not all of them have chosen to use their newfound abilities conscientiously", do you think he's making a subtle reference to someone other than Gigi? Of course, if Giles is unwilling to give Buffy access to the Council's funds, he's making it even more likely that she'll continue down the path of crime...

Then of course in #9 Buffy insists on knowing "exactly what the hell is going on?" and Giles says "No. I don't want you to be any part of this." Maybe that's not because he wants to protect her as I'd assumed, but because he no longer trusts her? Buffy's stricken expression takes a whole new meaning now. She's got a guilty conscience, and Giles is rubbing her face in it by making his attitude clear. She's willing to let Willow help him because she knows deep down that she's in the wrong, but she's feeling abandoned because she thinks she's made a controversial and courageous decision as a leader, and nobody is backing her up.

And at the end of the arc, Giles wants to help Faith 'play social worker to the Slayers' because 'there are battles you and I can win" before the big war starts. I wonder if he's thinking that the Slayer who needs an intervention more than any other is Buffy herself?

Tags: buffy, meta, season 8
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