StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Fic) Drabble: Things the Slayer Handbook doesn't tell you about, #1

This drabble is actually a little bit gross (although hopefully funny), but it was one of those ideas that comes to you and doesn't let go until you've written it. Sort of like a plot bunny, if bunnies had vicious teeth, gripping jaws and a killer instinct.... which, in the Buffyverse, they quite possibly do. Anya isn't stupid, after all. 

Anyway: post-Chosen. Rating R for language and general NSFWness, hence the lj-cut.100 words. (Well, it's a drabble, yes?) Buffy goes on a business trip to Cleveland during the winter...

Things the Slayer Handbook doesn't tell you about, #1

She'd gone to Cleveland out of duty, and almost refused when Faith suggested a drink. Four bars later, they were staggering through the January snow arm-in-arm and giggling. Almost like friends.

Then Faith stopped at a pristine white parking lot and unbuckled her pants.

"What the hell?"

She shrugged. "Need a piss. Besides, I've always wanted to try this."

Buffy turned away in embarrassment - then turned back in amazement. "That's impossible!"

"And yet. Slayer muscle control and perfect aim for the win. "

Buffy suddenly grinned. "You forgot to cross your 'T'. I'm sorry, I think that spells FAILh…"

Tags: buffy, fic
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